2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


All slagging aside…

on AI day, Tyrone fans beside us started singing COYBIRAW when the dubs sang COYBIB.

But because there are too many words for the tune - it didn’t work and they got off tune.

It was so bad it was funny. Not sure what the dubs made of it.


The game as a whole, for Tyrone supporters?


Yous are on the witty tablets today.

And yes…the game as well. Not too many good memories.

We were shouting for the ref to blow it up after 5 mins.


“knocked his pan in”??? :woozy_face:


Seem to recall him bursting on the scene in a match against Meath, maybe 2002, smashing a great goal in.


I mean does a pile of wrecking.

He’s a great goal record against Tyorne.

Think he’s better as a sub when defenders are tiring.

Doesn’t strike me as the quickest…but he’s a handful.


Near sure Alan B was injured early in the ‘05 QF replay.

And maybe BB was just breaking through.

But if you look back then - Dublin had nowhere near the glut of good forwards.

The way Costelloe’s playing - he could be the breakthrough player in 2019.


Well yeah. Famous fer our tablets so we are, so we are, according to Eamo & his Kildare Boy Wonder.

“Dublin’s resources are phenomenal. And I mean phenomenal. In Ennis, there was a member of the backroom team up from us — not a member of management team, mind you — with an iPad doing a statistical analysis of a Munster semi-final between Cork and Clare. Now, that was opposition well down the road for them. It shows the level they are at.”


He defo went off early with hammer in 08 hiding


You could be right and I’m mixing up the years

Always meant to ask…did BB pick up a Celtic Cross last season…or do you have feature in so many games or do all panellists get one?


Jesus I couldn’t tell you. But I’d say if he didn’t one of the other lads threw his to BB. Sure they’ve loads of them. I even got one in me change earlier.


Yeah yeah yeah.

Quality not quantity is what I say.

And it’s the taking part that counts.


Just don’t say that to a mayo supporter or they’ll lamp ya.


In the interests of accuracy Ray Cosgrove scored both goal against Meath that year and it was Alan who scored a cracker against kildare in the final


No I think you got it right, he went off injured in the replay, Paddy Christie was out injured, and yous got given a peno for a brilliantly executed tackle by OShaughnessy on one of your forwards. Those things killed us along with the second goal.


Thanks - there 14 yrs ago!

It was S O’N who took the penalty into the canal end.

Game kind of died soon after. Them Mulligan got the goal into the Hil in the 2nd half to kill of the comeback.


He is amateur player. Owes Dublin GAA nothing. Has 5 All Ireland titles with Dublin and 2 with club. I think he will be happy with that.


looking forward to the game, I remember the dark day and it was dark and torrential rain in 2009 when we were slaughtered by Tyrone, think is was the All Ireland Quarter final. I remember walking back into town and I was absolutely drenched, had to go into pennys and buy a new set of clothes ( just as well I always shop in pennys or Guineys ). I’ll never forgive Tyrone for the rain they brought that day.


It was 2008.

2009 was a beautiful sunny day … but an equally brutal quarter final mauling by … Kerry. :imp:


Cheers @DUB09 I remember that one well, yep it was a beautiful sunny day, was that the one that the Gooch scored a goal after a second or something like that