2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Surprised they’d go for St Patricks Day with the Club finals on.


St Patrick’s Day parades - of all sizes - are the biggest obstacles to organising games for St Patrick’s Day, apparently.


Tut, tut. Nothin like getting your excuses in early.

I can feel the tension and fear already.

You may get ready to take yer beating.


In a thread about Dublin v Tyrone and Mickey Harte, you’re on about School, Geometry, Sweets, Muinteoirs and you’ve posted some other inaccuracies which I’ve corrected for you.

But I’m the ‘Waffler’, fair enough :roll_eyes:

As I post this a message has popped up to say I’ve already replied to you 3 times and I should instead consider engaging with some other posters. Great advice!


Right in saying, a Dubs win and Galway and Mayo lose this weekend and the last round is dead rubber as regards the final, unlikely to happen, but could do.


Any more thoughts on the match. Hoping for a couple of goals for us… definitely clean sheet at our end… another strong game from Gavin in midfield and forwards putting up a good tally


Side selected very much along the lines of last year’s AI final starting 15.

Will be interesting to see if we go with Cluxton or Comerford. Didn’t see myself writing that 8 weeks ago!
Would expect Jim to continue giving game time to some fringe players. John Small to start, however. Shall we dance, Peter? Foxtrot or tango to begin? :wink:


P Harte at 14…with MD at half forward.

Looks like NcCurry and K Coney to come on in the second half like the Cavan game.

Honestly can’t see that line up giving Jim G too many nightmares.


How far is Colm Cavanagh off being match ready?

Surely he’d have been thrown in around full forward for at least some of this match, had he been fit?


He’s still out with a muscle injury.

Didn’t feature against Cavan either and I don’t think MH will risk bringing him back too soon - especially as Div1 status looks guaranteed.

Tyrone could do with a big target man…someone who can win their own ball.

McAliskey, McGeary and Harte are all under 6’…and really need the ball played into their chest.

McAliskey only got 1pt v Cavan. And it was a free. Will take him a while to get match fit after doing the ankle.


Will be interesting to see M H approach to this game . There has to be lessons learned from the AI final . Maybe he will be a bit more conservative after seeing the early lead wiped out like in the final . If things go our way, as posted above , should we win the last game will be a formality . Expect jim to put out a strong team and maybe give a few lads a break for the Cavan game. Would like to see Philly back.


Harte at FF has the pace and guile to get out in front of his man and if Donnelly is in the ball could be an option for the forward mark. This in itself would be a departure from the usual Tyrone running game.
I reckon Clucko starts this one a just to give him game time. We should dominate in midfield and I would start Paddy Andrews in the corners with Mannion as they are probably our best forwards at getting out in front and winning their own ball.
The weather is not meant to be good for the game so could force it to be more of a short passing game and close in shooting when against the wind.
Looking forward to it as it is a must win if we want to make the final. Most probably won’t agree but I think we could do with another game against Kerry before the championship to let them know that we are still the force to be reckoned with.


Yeah i really don’t know how MH will try this.

Tyrone need goals to have any chance - and a big score.

Genuinely I’ll be ok if it’s a 3-5 pt win for Dublin.

The fear is to get picked off the way Mayo were. Better to get Dublin in the first game.


I would like another game against Kerry as it would mean we are in the final, but dont think the outcome of such a game would count for much in August.


But you could inflict serious damage - or at least dent their hopes - if you were beat Kerry in a League Final.

Especially if it was by a big score.

I’m sure their win in Tralee gave them hope.


Not so sure BigP, a challenge game between Kerry and Dublin in 75’ was credited by Spillane many years ago as the game that gave a young Kerry team belief they could beat that AI champions as it was more of punch up than football match but they new they could match Dublin physically afterwards. We have many times through the years believe we were getting back to a chance to win the AI based on getting close to Cork, Kerry or Tyrone in earlier games but then meeting them a second time knocked us back as others have mentioned 2010 league final for example.
It would also be good to get a better idea of where this Kerry team are at.


Too early to talk about finals, Tyrone are still a big challenge that simply can’t be taken for granted. I’ll be happy with any sort of win tomorrow, Tyrone have drawn with us a couple of times in Croker in recent years.


The bookies are rarely wrong. Dubs are strong favourites.

But…on the way to lad’s game the car in front of us had a ‘Tir Eoghain Abu’ sticker on it.

If I see any more Omens today I’m betting the house on the Dubs getting scalped.


How can it be too early to talk about finals when we are potentially about 10 hours away from one.


In fairness 75 was a very different situation, we were far from an established team and many would have felt our win in 74 was a once off and we were vulnerable. I would say at this stage our sites are firmly focussed on winning the All Ireland and everything else is secondary.