2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Also, if Al keeps slagging MH he’s going to get expelled.

Ps. MH was a school teacher…who taught Peter Canavan…who taught O Mulligan. That’s where it ends.


The present engagement is likely more entertaining than anything on offer on Saturday night:smirk::smirk:


That’s gas Daller, I’m not the one slagging MH. You might want to get your guns more in line


Yes of course, four points, five points, whateva. That makes all the difference.
Tyrone were far better in 2018 final than 2017 semi-final, are you seriously trying to argue that? It’s a very simple equation, even for you, Eye, boy.


I’m only slagging Al !

A hit mob is on its way to HawkEye’s house.

That’ll be the last we hear of him.


Ok are you taking orders? I have a few on here I’d like taken out…
…before they take me out.


Euro or Sterling JJF?

Hedging my bets with this Brexit malarkey.

PM me list of targets.

And mods, this is for real in case you think we’re jesting


Just printed off our tickets, not bad seats…Lower Cusack 305


Don’t be so paranoid. Word is, you’re only in line for a kneecapping.


Shure thats grand, I was getting them replaced anyway.


Honestly. I know just the man. Very quick and professional. Sorry JJF…business comes first.


You’re running around in circles arguing with yourself here and you haven’t successfully disproven anything I’ve said.

I’ve posted a load of factually correct figures, which underlines my belief that Tyrone are more than capable of being consistently better than Harte has allowed them to be in the past 4/5 years at the very least.

I can’t understand the leeway he’s been given in the past decade and how his style has been accepted by Tyrone GAA. I don’t think any other Division 1 manager would be afforded that over such a sustained period of mediocracy.

1-10 from open play in 3 rounds of National League says it all about his approach.

Now school is over Django. Go and play with the other kids.


I was thinking Dollars.


It’ll save the HSE a few bob.


Think you’re being too simplistic there.

It’s not like there are 15 Tyrone players bursting to score goals only MH doesn’t allow them.

In 2017…Tyrone had a mental scoring average before the Dublin semi final. Think an average of 20pts.

The problem is that all the sides were from Ulster and the players had no plan B.

In 2018, Tyrone broke championship records for the number of pts per game…think it was 22…right up to the semi final. Tyrone had played 8 games by then.

The start of this year they were flat. Maybe afternurn from last season and the fact 3 forwards were out.

MH has more critics in Tyrone than on this forum…but not even his critics think they’ve a decent forward line.

So for sure MH is changing the side for the better.

Ps aren’t you supposed to be on the run?


That’s an awful lot of waffle there Bunter, you been on the sweets again? Reminds me of the kid in my class in Joeys who used to get away with not knowing the answers in Irish classes by talking 19 to the dozen, just rattling out a load of words and disconnected sentences that vaguely addressed the subject.
The poor múinteoir couldn’t follow it but couldn’t give out to him either. Maith thú, suig síos.

I think you’ll find the matter being discussed by me, and responded to by you, was very simply that MH had improved Tyrone’s performance against Dublin last year.
All the rest of the stuff may well be true but I just can’t follow you. Good try though saying I’m the one going in circles. Your circles are ever decreasing, pay more attention in geometry young Eye.


My word :scream:


Was it Mr Barry?


Máistir or múinteoir. Miss Deede? It certainly wasn’t Mr Early who’d give you a clip for waffling


Right - enough talk about waffles.

Time for predictions. Closer the game gets the more optimistic I get.

Dublin to win a very tight game - pulling away with 3-4 pts.

Kyle Coney to roll back the years too. Mark my words!