2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


I don’t follow Tyrone GAA enough to know that but hard to believe there isn’t someone happy to step up.

As for the poisoned chalice, if they were winning all round them fair enough but in the past decade they’ve 1 All Ireland and 4 Ulsters (Donegal have won the same).

I’d imagine any Tyrone fan would understand it’s a new era…


It’s a valid point. Not every Tyrone fan wants MH. In fact some think he’s too biased to the west of the county. And some just want a change.

You had the 3 ex-players who left the U21s…then you had Ricey and B McGuigan leave the minors.

Clearly the CB thought of succession planning.

Malachy O’Rourke might be the man.

He lives in Ballygawley and even managed them. In fact he lives only 10 mins from MH.


Played a more attacking game in last year’s final and remained in contention til near the end? I’ll leave you to work out the rest.


That’s some list of players leaving the county coaching set up. Canavan, Logan, Dooher, Rice and McGuigan :open_mouth:

The complete opposite of what Dublin did and how I think they managed to inspire so many of the current crop. Using current and former players at underage level.


Remained in contention, for what exactly? When Mannion scored the peno after 20 mins we were in complete control and Tyrone were done. At half time it was 2-7 to 0-6.

The only thing that significantly changed from August 2017 to September 2018 is your memory! :grinning:


They’ve left…but there are still former senior players helping out:

Dermot Carlin (03 & 08) is part of the U20 management team.

Colly Holmes (05, 08) manages the U17s - who won the AI final last year.

Then you have the Senior management team of Gavin Devlin ('03) and S O’Neill (03-08).

I think there enough willing to try their hand at helping out. It’s the full-time job of Snr Mgt that’s the issue.


Hammered off the park in 17 after about ten minutes, completely annihilated and never competed. Should’ve lost by 20 but Dublin eased up with 20 to go. Barely tried to or were allowed to attack.
Led by 5 early on in 18. Attacked hard from the off. Got smashed by a great burst. Stayed in the game and reduced the lead at one stage, kept trying to attack, pushed Dublin to keep going til the end.

Hope that helps with your narrative amnesia and problems with analysing detail. No need to thank me, just re-do your essay and have it on my desk tomorrow at 9.


But Al that just proves the point he’s prepared to change tactics.

What he lacks is good forwards to execute it.

But it contradicts this image of a manager who stubbornly refuses to budge.

If the players weren’t buying into it…he’d be gone.




The two words that come to mind reading that unfortunately are straws & clutching

Donnelly at FF ain’t the missing link I’m sirrh to tell u :grinning:


I agree, though I also think he’s a bit limited tactically but lacks the quality of player to do a whole lot more


Yeah - bit of misplaced optimism.

MD doesn’t even play forward for his club.

It’s not a great sign that MD and PH have to play as forwards to begin with.

We were in the same half as him v Cavan and he wasn’t stand out. And Cavan were poor.


MH’s contract runs out at the end of next year.

That’ll be 18 yrs as manager - not including when he managed the Minors and U21s.

I have to hand it to him…he does it for the love of football and maybe it keeps him sane.

But if he’s a poor few seasons I’d rather see him go than be pushed.


I think it’s very like Sean Boylan, he’s the Don, there’s no way back, if he had left years ago he’d be there in the background and any other coach would’ve been undermined bar having huge success. So probably just simpler that he stayed, and they have gradually improved every year…


Jeez Al…you’re not one for sweeping statements.

There aren’t a bunch of Stepford wives up in the CB. A few years ago Roisin Jordan refused to extend his contract: he’s since won 2/3 Ulsters…got to a AI semi and an AI final…and kept Div 1 status.

And comparison to a Don?? Just because MH walks around Gervaghey in a white hat and cape, hardly means he’s head honcho.


Where does the resentment of MH come from up there, I think you mentioned that before .


I think it’s a mixture of things:

Hope that a new manager will bring success, that MH is too biased towards the west of the county…that a change is good, that fortunes will improve with a new voice in the dressing room.

Swear to God: my barber reckons he should go because he looks miserable.

Then you’ve some club men who wouldn’t watch Tyrone if they were playing in the back garden - regardless of who’s in charge.


So firstly, they never lead by 5 points at any stage. The biggest lead they had was 4 points and that lasted all of 2 minutes until Kilkenny slotted over to make it 0-2 to 0-5.

Secondly you’re trying to defend the indefensible… Tyrone are well capable of putting up decent scores but Harte clearly reverts to type too often and they just retreat and play shite football. First 3 rounds of the league this year, in 3 games they scored a combined total of 1-10 from play, in 3 matches. Lowest total of any team in over a decade.

You’re also conveniently comparing 2017 Semi Final to 2018 Final, in between that they at least showed they are capable of having a go against a top side when they were narrowly beaten by us in Omagh in the Super 8’s.

Your school report reads, “Al has an overactive imagination. He tends to day dream in class and sometimes makes up stories which are later found to be untrue. He has potential though if he just applied himself more.”


Shots fired :joy:


In fairness they were at sea for those games and couldn’t hit a barn door. It wasn’t for a lack of trying.

MH described the attempts as soul destroying.

No Bradley, no McAliskey, no McCurry.

Sure that’s the reason MD and PH were pushed up front. No team is going to win with 13 pts.