2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


Well said Mickey Harte


Sean C said Tyrone played their best football in Croke Park. You’d imagine most players would do the same.

As a fan I have to say the sense of occasion can be something else. Dubs bring the fans and noise.

‘The attitude to playing Dublin in Croker by the Tyrone manager Mickey Harte and his squad should be applauded and taken note of by those who choose to do nothing but complain’.


MiH is grumpy and obstinate.

But he knows what it takes to win AIs…and how hard it is.

So I’m sure he means it when he says Dublin deserve the title of team of the century. And all the more reason for his players to raise their game.

“They’re a force to be reckoned with and it’s not hard to see why. They have four All-Irelands a row, and anyone else with that there you’d be saying they’re the team of the century. Dublin deserve that title too.”


Fair play to MH. All this whinging about venue and advantages from sections of the media remind me of the quote from Bill Shankley when asked by a young reporter if he thought playing against Liverpool in front of the kop intimidated players. ‘Only the bad ones son, only the bad ones’


I agree, it was a rake of injuries that forced the changes if I recall.


Nice soft soaping by Mickey there. I’m expecting a huge performance from his men


And rightly so.

Tyrone were beat 3 times by Dublin last year: league, Super 8s and AI Final. And that’s not including 2017.

If you’re a Tyrone player what better way to see how you’ve improved and show last year’s AI Final wasn’t luck. To go down to CP and put in a performance.

What MH says about Dublin means nothing on the pitch. It’s not like Jim G is going to tell his team to ease off because he complimented them.


I hope his memory is good cause it’ll be 11 years this year since Mickey won his last All Ireland. Interestingly here’s a list of things that didn’t exist last time Mickey won an All-Ireland.

  1. The iPad – est. since 2010
  2. Snapchat – est since 2011
  3. Spotify – est since Oct 2008
  4. Uber – est since 2009
  5. Selfie Stick – est since 2014
  6. Instagram – est since Oct 2010
  7. Pinterest – est since 2010
  8. Bitcoin – est since 2009
  9. Angry Birds – est since 2009
  10. Candy Crush – est since 2012

The first iPhone was just a year old (it launched in 2007) and Airbnb had just been launched weeks before the All-Ireland final.

My thoughts on Mickey Harte are well documented on this forum so I won’t go back over it. I don’t mind Tyrone and find the natives to be pretty decent any time I’ve encountered them, but I honestly don’t understand how Tyrone GAA have tolerated the tripe Mickey has dished out on the field for the past 5/6 years especially. He is absolutely holding you back at this stage.

I’m being a boll0x obviously with the first half of the post but genuinely don’t understand how he is still the man in charge up there. His time was up years ago.


You can dislike the man or his style of football, but to say he is holding them back ! from where ? . Their playing division 1 football, they were all Ireland finalists and their favorites to win ulster championship this year, apart from Gavin who is doing better ?


They’ve ‘contended’ for one All Ireland since 2008 and I use the word ‘contended’ lightly because last year they were never really in contention from 20 mins onwards.

Tyrone have had far better teams over that decade than the results suggest but Harte’s reluctance to change his approach has held them back in my opinion.

Simplified example, they play shite football and are reluctant to attack, however they have players well capable to clocking up good scores and playing good football. AI QF in 2017 they clock up 3-17 to blitz Armagh, 3 weeks later they barely move in to range to score against Dublin in the SF. This pattern is very familiar, it’s already happened in the league this year.


Being able to put a big score on Armagh doesn’t mean they can beat Dublin in a shootout.


Clearly and I never said it meant they’d beat Dublin. But they’ll never know unless they actually try to get in to scoring range and actually kick a ball towards the posts.

They have proven on enough occasions they can put up a big score. Even against lesser teams than Dublin they retreat and play the shite football.


Al…football mgt up here is like a merry go round. Managers replaced every few years.

Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome…but this is still a relatively successful period. Other ulster counties would bite your arm off.

To put this in context…when the two teams line up on Saturday night…how many of your players would you swap for a Tyrone player?


I understand how competitive the Ulster Championship is and maybe that’s partly to blame. You wouldn’t be too inspired to play attacking expansive football against the likes of Donegal, Fermanagh, Derry etc…

But I just think when the County Board refused Harte’s request for an extension in December 2014, that might have been the time for change. Worst case scenario you’d have 2 less Ulster titles, but best case scenario… who knows…

Anyway, listen just my two cents… I don’t think too many Tyrone fans will care what a Dub thinks but I don’t think may other counties would have a manager in charge for almost 20 years unless he was consistently doing extraordinary things.


There is always the poisoned chalice theory. Are there many people wanting to take over from Harte?


Wouldn’t matter who was manager of Tyrone over last couple of years man for man behind Dublin , if the measure of achievement is wining all Ireland’s then in the current Dublin era every manager is a failure , there’s an argument to be had re MH style of play etc but I can’t think of any scenario with a change of personnel we’re they beat Dublin , over the years the players they lost were once in a generation type and you can wish and hope but there’s no guarantee of replacing like for like call it GAA evolution


They progressed significantly from August 2017 to September 2018, to put it simply.


But they haven’t won an All Ireland since 2008, this isn’t about the AI wins from 2014-2018.

What did they do in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 etc…

If they changed manager this year or last year they’d still be unlikely to win Sam but the next generation/new approach would be in motion and they might be a step closer to winning it in 2021 onwards.

Obviously my concern isn’t about Tyrone, if they never win it again I won’t lose any sleep. I just can’t understand why Harte’s style and approach has been tolerated as long as it has. Not too many other Division 1 managers would last 10 years in the job without an AI.


I’ll have to rethink my definition of Significantly.


Think that’s part of the issue…who’d want the job to replace MH.

The CB did have P Canavan, F Logan and B Dooher looking after the U21s…but they all packed it in.

Canavan has a great gig as a PE Teacher and pundit…whilst Logan’s a solicitor and Dooher a Vet.

All good jobs and unwilling to give the hours that MH does. It’s almost a full time job.