2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


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The invasion is on its way.

They’re the flags you’ll see as you make you way out off the ground early. :grin:


Stand Tickets available online and they are decent seats.


This is a big game for Dublin. We have only lost two games we needed to win (to win the competition) since Gavin took over. The 2014 semi and the 2017 league final. This is a game in this category, if they don’t win this they can’t win the league. So he might not start with his strongest 15, but he will finish with it if things aren’t going well. It won’t be a question of throwing lads on in a tight game to see how they handle it, as he has done in some league games in the past. If this one is tight, I assume they will be going with the strongest available to get it over the line.

I never really understood the logic Gilroy had in the 2011 league final, putting on a few lads who hadn’t really proven their case and in at least one case, I think didn’t play for Dublin again. That would have been a good competition to win, for a team that hadn’t won anything in years - this is the team and subs that day (I assume the number after the player is a rating the reporter gave the player).
Dublin: S Cluxton 7; M Fitzsimons 6, B Brogan 7, P McMahon 6; B Cahill 7, G Brennan 6, K Nolan 7; D Bastick 6, MD Macauley 7; B Cullen 7, K McManamon 8, P Flynn 6; B Brogan 8, D Connolly 7, T Quinn 7. Subs: D Daly 5 for Cullen (47), P Burke 6 for B Brogan (50), D Kelly 5 for Connolly (54), P Andrews 7 for Daly (62), D Lally for Cahill (72

Edit - I just see the report I took that team from started with this line ‘THIS Cork squad is taking shape as one seriously powerful force’. I guess that guy wasn’t a fortune teller anyway!


I’ve often thought was Gilroy testing them players bringing them off the bench in a tight game? Declan Lally was only player from them subs that played championship in 2011 and that was only couple minutes as a sub.


I thought I read at the time that he said it was a test and some of them failed. Kelly never played again I think.


Martin Penrose was Aghyaran , went to Carmen a few years ago.


Yep he was - a few locals weren’t delighted when he transferred away.


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That’s right. He married a woman from Carrickmore.

A big deal at the time.

Apparently he still plays for them as a sub.

He was the player fooled by the phantom whistler in CP.


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Don’t think Burke played after that either. Daly came back in under Jim Gavin. Andrews was recalled in 2012 but never established himself until Gavin gave him a proper chance in 2013.


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Worth your while?

Well I’m a mix of Brad Pitt and George Clooney and love nothing better than cantankerous Dublin weemin.

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I’d assumed at the time - and still do - that it was simply over-confidence on Gilroy’s behalf. We were steam-rolling them when Gilroy started making the changes. The one specific change that lost us the game was bringing on Mossy and taking off Brogan. We missed all our frees after that - some of them sitters - and any one of them would have steadied the ship and sunk Cork.


That’s my memory of it too! It also signalled the end of Mossy’s inter county career really.


Mossy started and scored 1-2. Bernard and Connolly went off injured and Mossy missed a couple frees which cost him his place. Cluxton took over 45/long range frees after that for championship.