2019 NFL Round 6, Dublin v Tyrone, Saturday March 16th @ 7pm, Croke Park


There are tickets available on ticketmaster but I wouldn’t pay the booking fee. I’d imagine tickets.ie have sold their allocation and are waiting on the Gaa to release more tickets tomorrow.

There will be a decent crowd there next Saturday but with a bit of proper marketing from the Gaa you could easily get another 10,000 through the turnstiles not to mention all the tourists visiting next weekend who if they knew the game was on might come along.

Even in Parnell Park last weekend I noticed a few American tourists at the hurling so there is a market there to be tapped into.


When the GAA do market the games it does work, not sure why they dont keep doing it


I phoned Tickets.ie yesterday to ask and the guy said to check back on Monday as tickets are released to them in blocks . It’s very strange, I never saw this happen before for a winter league game that’s going to be about 1/4 full .


That’s a good point. Think of the amount of tourists who could be tempted in.

When we were in States years ago we went to a baseball game - just to say we’d been there.


Baseball bats were very popular in the north at one stage were nt they!!


I’m really wrestling to reply to that.

I’m offended you think it’s ok to link me watching a baseball game and punishment beatings - when we were in the US to purchase gun powder and diesel cleaning equipment.

Will the stereotypes never stop?

Ps and yes we did bring home some bats for a small profit.


Hang on. Is a punishment beating not being forced to watch Fermanagh beat Derry 0-5 to 0-4 (after 2 periods of extra time) in a “gritty” championship encounter?

Well colour me surprised ! :astonished:


Talking of punishment…

I used to threaten Bart I was going to send him a DVD of 20 years of Ulster’s finest defensive games if he kept moaning.

But for all his grumpiness…I enjoyed his posts.


We ll miss you after Brexit happens daller, all the shite you take off us smartarse dubs.


Well I put up with the wise cracks as I know revenge is best served cold.

About 2C next Sat when the Ty-rexiteers come down.

And when the Dubs lose I promise not to come on the next day to gloat. Ahem.



Whats that I see at 6.57?


Sorry…bad broadband signal.

Don’t even know the game you’re referring to.

Mods. Can you please put a ban on people posting pro-Dub videos celebrating victories? In fact, can you just ban the posters.


Ps what’s with the Armagh logo on the top left !!!

That makes that video even worse.


Tyrone football at its best @upthedall, Aghyaran v Castlederg, minor football today. Jesus, the cold was indescribable! No wonder ye get a few tough ones…


Nice pic! I was up there last year. Really is the back of beyond.

Was at an underage game y’day and the Sperrins were white.

Ps I hope you’ve flowers and chocolates to sweeten the other half for next week !


What age group was that game?

Only player I’d know from Aghyaran is Ronan McNamee.

Read an interview with him last year - his mother’s ones are from Donegal and he was saying the stick he got from them during the UFC.


It was minor. The Aghyaran midfielder looks like being the county minor midfielder this year, big strong lad.

I know McNamee’s mother actually, she was the singer in the chapel for our wedding. Obsessed with football, but v Donegal. Mind you, Donegal and Tyrone can be interchangeable a bit in Aghyaran according to who is doing well :grinning:.

The Aghyaran senior keeper is on the Ty senior panel this year. He takes playing out the field to whole new levels - has scored 0-2 from play in recent club games.



Yeah id know a few ones who are married to Donegal partners.

Ronan McNamee was interviewed in the Irish News and was saying there was serious slagging with his mother’s side before last year’s Super 8.

Said he supported Donegal growing up.



Is that the legend that is Brian Dooher I see there, sticking the elbow into Dessie’s head, and then diving whilst holding his face in dramatic fashion in order to try and get Dessie carded? Shirley not!

No wonder Charlie refused to go off…


As I say. Bad broadband.