2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


That’s better Deano


That will do deano that will do


After playing in it this morning I’d forgive any forwards form altogether. Brutal day for any skill with the foot. Bog ball as the rugger lads call it.


I hear ya! I wasn’t playing this morning, but I thrived in heavy muddy days like today, but the skillful lads suffered!


Did he actually try to block the ref kicking the ball to Deano for a 45?




That Gavin lad will be a beast when he gains a few kilos of muscle


Conor Cox. Number 14. As Lios Tuathaill Co. Chiarrai gan dabht.

There should be retrospective bans for lads trying to get others sent off imo


That was great stuff from Andrews


Ref not understanding the advantage rule


Terrible reffing to not play the advantage.


Not going down on the ball is unforgivable - should have been replaced immediately. Led to a point for Roscommon.


Ah stop, was brutal. The high stool beckons !


I don’t recall seeing that ref before. He is cat.


Paddy could be m.o.m

Never gets the plaudits


Other end of the stand. Not the terrace.


Two poor wides there . We should be out of sight


That’s 2 good chances gone a begging.


Woeful shooting from play in the second half. We’re constipated up front since half time.


Is he familiar with the rule about the mark? Doesn’t seem to give one when player is under pressure