2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Despite Monaghan beating us there last year which they love to overlook


I only trying to comfort myself . I d rather we were 10 ahead so I can relax and enjoy my dinner later .


You and me both


Behaviour of that number 3 towards the ref was disgraceful


Get in


Crazyhorse coming in


I’ll take that with cheese please


Amount of abuse the Roscommon players are giving the ref is a disgrace. Is the black card not there for this??


We need a bit of crazy


He heard ye


Disgraceful. Could make it out everything he was saying


A waxy goal but I ll take it.


“FFS, take your points”, I had just said to myself.


Flynner looks like he is carved from stone.


The upside of bad refereeing, I thought we should have been awarded penalties on both goals but Ray Charles saved us the inconvenience of having to convert them.


Those Daly brothers are fierce angry


I hope you’re not judging that form on a game in these conditions?


Number 3 again. How is he still on the pitch


Now they’re on to the umpires. Just hand out a black card for mouthing every time.


Roscommon keeper said holy ■■■■ just been hit by a meteorite