2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Considering the conditions there was some nice football played by both teams. Ros have some handy scoring forwards, unlike Mayo. I’d be surprised if the Rossies don’t make the Super 8 again.
Con and Paddy have shown very well.


Ref is god awful, bizarre what he is giving and then not.

Our intensity is far too low, need to pick it up in the second half.


The ref is like a comedy character, hasn’t a breeze.


Perfect second half to get some tough match experience into McGowan, O’Connor, Gavin and Basquel.


Where are ya? Theres no one down the opposite end…?:smirk:


That goal was the last thing Davy Byrne needed if he’s trying to get his regular starting place back.

Disappointing to let a 5 point lead slip though to be honest a drawn game is a fairer reflection of how it’s been. We’ve looked a tad complacent but our shooting has at least been decent.

Thought the ref was doing us few favours though he missed a blatant push in the back by Cooper just after his block down.

On the telly, wind doesn’t look to be favouring either team, can anyone there confirm?

A few kicks up the arse needed at half time.


Ta se ag cur sneachta i gCill Airne


2 bad mistakes from Costello


Ros just seem to be able to kick their scores that bit easier


This is brutal altogether.


Ogara would of been perfect for this match. Ground to heavy to be working the ball in. Ros playing with confidence


About fucking time ref you joker


This ref is a disaster , has he any control over the game?


A jokeshop


Who was that joker going down holding his face when Deano only touched his chin


Noticed Gavin wearing the soft studs why the feck are they not wearing steel studs that can grip better?


It’s a good old scrap for D Gavin et al . If we get out even with a 1 point win it shows them nothing is easily earned. This type of game is more valuable than a turkey shoot in Croker.


This is true. We will also have an onslaught of dubs can’t handle it outside of croker but ■■■■ them. Roscommon playing very well


He’s bad but that’s not the point here. We find ourselves in an adverse situation of our own making and a few lads out there are struggling to meet the challenge. If they can’t raise their game to overcome that it’ll be worrying.


Dean Rock’s form is concerning