2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


a lot of absentees . Jack mc gone off


What happened him? Down the opposite end.


Get in good finish from Con


How did COS not get a mark and / or free on the last kick out ?


Clucko handing the flag to the umpire after a Rossie score :sweat_smile:


Jesus the Rossies are a mad bunch. About 6 fouls in the lead up to that free and they’re all roaring in the refs face :joy::joy::joy:


Terrible from Byrne


Very poor goal for us to concede


Good response.


High scoring game considering the conditions


Andrews is some operator. Lethal when he’s on song.


We’re in a game here lads. Big second half needed

A lot of people were too complacent about this game


How was that not a free out? Having to work very hard to get a free here


Agree . Do gaa players not wear studded boots ? Always more slipping and sliding than there is in soccer.


Few lads doing themselves no favours here.


Very disappointing half time result considering we were 5 up at one point.


Its entertaining. These Rossie fellas are fierce rough.


To put this game in context . If we lose, only Cavan and possibly Monaghan would be below us in the table. We’d be fighting to stay up. We need to win this


Ref is not giving anything to the man in possession. Why win the ball?


Very true. Was always a must win