2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


I may be wrong but I don’t think the likes of Keegan and Boyle should be dropped altogether but should be “rested” this time of year. They have nothing to prove. Sure you need experienced players among youth but in our case it’s still lopsided.


That’s the point I was making around the FBD games. Boyle was only getting 50 minutes two years ago.


Mayo still can t decide who their no1 keeper is. If you can t sort that out what hope is there for the rest of the team.


Why are we talking about Mayo in a Dublin Roscommon thread


As stephen Cluxton was on the bench for mayo game I’d be surprised if he didn’t get a start today, not that comerford put a foot wrong, but roscommon would be a good game to start back in.

Rossies got an awful batin from us in super 8 when they were already knocked out, would hope there is a bit of battle in them today or it looks it’s div 2 for themselves and Cavan.


Think they’ve had a serious turnover in the panel from the one McStay went with so don’t see that being the main factor today tbh.


It’d be a big disappointment now if we didn’t make the League Final … :flushed:


Pissins o’rain here now.

Snow & ice warning for Galway, Cavan & Roscommon until 2pm.

Jayzus !


What a day for a match. I could care less about Mayo. I just want to bate the Rossies and stay dry.


Can confidently predict that only one of those two things will come to pass. :roll_eyes:


Typical of this mayo team they got back into the game with 20 minutes to go and playing with the wind and they couldnt do the business.
Galway have there number now. Certainly look like there in declne now .
The championship will be very dull if Mayo do not make the super eights this year in fairness there fans travel in large numbers .


Wrong thread ?


Squad above but judging by last week not always reliable


Has McHugh completely dropped of the panel?



Clucko starting


Is o’gara injured


It’s good to see mc Gowan getting a look in. I thought he stood out in the club championships.


Agree. I never understand why people seem to think the bleatings of the media actually reflect the thoughts of players and managers. There’s a reason nobody talks to “journalists” any more.


cluxton, McGowan Cian o Connor, Colm basquel in for Comerford, murchan, Howard and Kilkenny