2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Yeah, he’s back either this week or next.


I see Galway beat Mayo tonight, puts us back in the driving seat :tractor:


Sadly enough the last member of that team, Liam Gilmartin passed away today, lived most of his life in Dublin.


Tonight’s results mean we get to league final once we win the rest of our games and keep the score difference good. Tomorrow is an opportunity to work on that.


Drove last a few times two years ago and the hyde still had that retro 70’s style writing for its name on the wall. Be nice if it was still there.

Have been there for matches in the past, can’t recall if it was that 2002 one or earlier. Was a bracing day.


Seen that this evening. Rip


Sorry to hear that. Famous names that we grew up hearing the legends and stories about. Similarly the late 70s/early 80s team but they didn’t make the Holy Grail because of Kerry’s dominance and massive resources.


I didn’t realise that Galway had such a hex over the Mayo boys…

Galway’s dominance over Mayo continues after their seventh successive victory over their neighbours in all competitions at MacHale Park, Castlebar on Saturday night.


Between ourselves & Galway, that’s 21 games now that Mayo have failed to record a win in.

Mind boggling stat. For one of the supposed best teams in the country for nearly a decade.

And still the blame game goes on, looking to everything else under the sun & not what really needs to be addressed.

At this rate, they’ll never learn.

You’d genuinely feel for decent skins like Comrade @mayoman here, who is willing to ask the hard questions, but the vast majority just have their head in the sand imo.


Sure they can’t really take the league as seriously as any other team dontcha know. Players can’t get together to train. Top of the ground team. Only interested in one game the whole year. Every other game is just there to be got out of the way.

I don’t like being sarcastic but I do question what Horan can bring to it considering what he did when he had most of the same team at their best and did not tactically improve anything much. And that he is inevitably loyal to most of them after years with them


Yeah. And when they are wandering around Pearse Stadium in 3 months time, wondering why yet another Connaught final is passing them by, or why they can’t close out yet another big game in Croker, they could look to nights like last night, or last Saturday night & point the finger. But they won’t. It’s always someone or something else’s fault.


Well I don’t think they quite had the players to close out many of those games in Croker, despite the very narrow margins at times, so it’s not quite fair to say that.
You could argue they lacked in tactical nous and prep in comparison to Donegal in 2012, and they didn’t have the intensity they had Vs Dublin in that semi-final. Nor the sympathetic ref.

2013 convinced me that Horan was not at it tactically, after the perfect start, and a goal at a perfect time, they were not really anywhere near good enough to win that game, freak circumstances and a ref giving soft frees got them back to a point.

2014 was terrible defending to let Kerry get the draw, though a man down for much of the game meant fatigue was a factor. Alot of talk about the ref in the replay, some of it justified, but the heads-clash and again the lack of defensive nous were for me clearly deficits in their game.
Would they have beaten Donegal in the final? I wouldn’t have bet money on it. Ultimately they wouldn’t have had the smarts or control to play that game the way Kerry did. And they didn’t have the forwards to compare with Donegal.

2015 they weren’t at the races really, absolutely steeped to get a draw the first day, well beaten in the end in the replay. They once again did not defend to stop goals after having got a goal.
2016 unlucky the first day, if they’d won that we couldn’t have had any complaints. That’s the one that might haunt them. The replay was closer than 2013, and the self-destructive elements of Hennelly and Keegan set them back after they had scored a great goal and established an upper hand in the game.

2017 was the best game they played in the whole era, and I think they knew that. Vaughan was mad to do what he did but would they have exploited the extra man? You could argue they had that game for the taking but brilliance from some Dublin players took it back, I don’t think Mayo could have done more.

They definitely seemed more at home chasing games than leading them.


Brainwashed so ye are Al, brainwashed !



Dunno how you can say they lacked tactical nous or proper prep in 2012, when they took us out in one of the most brilliantly organized peiods of cynical fouling Croke Park has ever seen. And that was after being able to rack up a 10 pt HT lead.

Now sod off. The delights of the chocolate factory in Kilbeggan & the Hyde Park bog await my attention. Don’t have time to go on about the other years, except to say that you are indubitably wrong ! :sunglasses:


I disagree that the majority of Mayo fans are looking for excuses Or blame elsewhere…come sit with us at the next home game.

Fact it this Mayo team is in decline now…it was always going to happen and there is no shame in it…time waits for no man. What is a shame is we didn’t win an All Ireland…it’s sickens me in the pit of my stomach even thinking about 2011-2017…that’s life sure.

Brining on Andy Moran, Brian Reape a young lad being brought on with 3 mins left!! Keegan is not fit and Boyler can’t do a full game…Why are we persisting with these players? We know what they can do For us in the summer…McCormack, O’Donoghue, Diskin, Plunkett all fine young players again nowhere to be seen. Aidan O Se tries I’ll give him that and he is a good tackler but he is brainless in a football game, a no11 should control your forward play to a certain degree…

Galway now have a better team than us and have better forwards and it pains me to say due to the age profile of their team more likely to win an all Ireland again before us…by god they love letting us know that.

I wouldn’t rule out a win for us in Kerry cause it’s what Mayo do, However medium to long term, Things will likely get worse before they start to get better for us. Tough few years ahead I fear.


Hope those ops on both hips (wasn’t it?) haven’t set him back instead of having given him clear road for the years ahead.

Kevin McLoughlin looks to be the only established player whose future looks under real threat, it would appear. The rest seem to be getting starts under the ‘new’ regime. Time will tell, I suppose. 'Tis only March.

Safe travels to our travelling army. Will be interesting to see how much of this ‘edge’, I’ve heard mentioned since Anthony Cunningham took over, shows itself today. The stupidity of the sending off vs Tyrone might’ve cooled their jets on that though. Up The Dubs!


If we lose today we are in serious bother in this division - We would be second or third last…

shoukd we win it’s game on with a good chance of being in the business ends


That’s a good post mayo man. You probably had to double check if you where yer on the mayoblog or res dubs (because we discuss mayo here more than trump and definitely more than Dublin) :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Yeah, might seem a low-key game to everyone else but it’s actually a key game for us as to how the league plays out.
Can’t believe we won’t start Mannion although he has started every league game so far - or it feels like it. As someone else said, a heavy surface doesn’t feel as if it’ll be Costello’s ideal playground.


I said this a while back and you had a right go at me …, :thinking: