2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


No Mannion. Presume Mick Fitz gone with the hammer?


Peadar Andrews as Meehan called him when he came on last week … :roll_eyes:


Seemed to be holding it when he got hurt last week so I’d imagine he would be out for a couple of weeks at least


Good to see David Byrne rewarded for his good performance last week and Kilkenny named to start

5th game for Evan now,wonder will he get the whole league at this stage ?


Think Meehan is another great ex footballer but v poor pundit. His line about Keegan not deserving a black card because the ref had let other stuff go was ridiculous. I hunk gaa tv commentary & punditry is generally brutal.



Is Peader still in the squad?


Shop is gone, pub still there


He also thought his night was over - clearly unaware of the sin bin rule.


Any word on when McMahon will be back?


Someone mentioned that he damaged his hand a few weeks back but no indication of how serious it was.


I thought I heard it was a broken bone in his hand. @Rochey hear anything?


First time Mannion not starting this year.


Thought Cluxton might start this time round, Comerford had a much better game against Mayo than he had against Kerry and therefore he wouldn’t be going out due to a poor performance and also the fact that Cluxton was on the bench last day gave me the feeling his return might be about to happen.


Some pace on the left between Jack Mc and Murchan.


I wonder did Jamesy get a bit of a knock? He was named to start last week. No sign this week.


It might change on the day - it’s unusual for the named team to start as we have seen.


Personally I’d rather see Comerford given the entire league. I feel he has come on with each game and it is important to have quality cover in case Cluxton were to pick up an injury (not to mention we are fast approaching a time when Cluxton steps away from inter county).

The Leinster championship will give Cluxton plenty of time to get up to speed for the AI Championship, the league time now makes Comerford a better player.


I have no problem with him staying on either, just thought that Cluxton on the bench last week may have been a sign he was about to start.


Agree and of course for all we know he could end up starting tomorrow.