2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


I see looking back on the game, the linesman pulled Costello up for taking a line ball over the sideline when his standing foot was the proper side of the line. I would have thought that was the deciding factor?


I thought Costello was pulled up for kicking the ball backwards.


Me too.


Ah, you are probably right… I forgot that one.


Stupid focking rule


Just watched the game again, the strength of Con is unbelievable. Great scores with guys hanging out of him


Nonsense! It penalizes negative teams like Dublin. Nothing more negative than seeing a sideline ball kicked backwards. It’s killing the game.


And while we’re at it, scoring points directly from a sideline should be banned too - no wonder attendances are down with that sorta anti-football.


Neanderthal. Make the game kick and rush forward. Win yer own ball. Give and take a belt. Let it in long! Fast ball. Lovely hurling. Loads of scores, lash it over, man te man!!