2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Interesting to hear you mention Cooper like that considering your defence of him previously. I think he has cut out a lot of the unnecessary stuff in his game. He will get involved In flashpoints and forwards will try wind him up but over the past year I think he has improved his discipline.


When you are getting the amount of verbal and physical abuse that he gets and NO protection from the Referees or disinterested Umpires I fully understand why he might get vexed. I was watching him off the ball yesterday and the feckers never left him alone.


And he plays the game full on to the max, part of what has made him so outstanding. I wouldn’t have a bard word against him, him and Philly have had as much to do with us having so much success as any players.


My man love for JC is well known and I am not criticising him - I just wish he wouldn’t give these feckers the satisfaction.


Probably the best defender in the country at the moment and one of the best footballers.


I second this. Most important defender we have IMO.


I read once somewhere that the ultimate formula one car is one that wins the race but just makes it over the line mechanically, and that is what we are like in the league. Gavin has a remarkable ability to make league finals while carrying out the maximum amount of experimentation. We rarely get too many more points then we have to, to make the league final. It take some confidence to make that happen.


TBF we were lucky a few years when we were patchy enough in regulatuion league but having semi finals kept us in it. then we motored on.


He lives outside Roscommon town. Kids are Rossies etc.


Great to get the win and the 2 points but the only thing I’ll remember from yesterdays game is the weather


Luck and judgement though. When we need to finish in the top four we finished third or fourth, when it needed to be in the top two, we finish second. It’s funny every year before Dublin win the league, there will be stuff in the media about how Dublin aren’t going well this year

But yes, there are years when I couldn’t believe we just fell over the line to make final. But it has happened so much there has to good judgement involved. Even yesterday, when we needed a win, Gavin made changes that weakened the team before the throw in - but we won.

As it is now, if we win next week, we should make the final as we will have the head to head aspects covered and we should have the superior score difference if it comes to a three way tie. If we lose though, we are unlikely to make the final.


Even if we beat Tyrone I think we would also have to win in Cavan to be sure of the final.


We need to win both of our remaining games to be sure of making the final.


I live in Catalonia, my kids are Catalans, but I dont use We when talking about Catalans:)


no rossie i know considers him one of them either


Ah its of no importance, just thought it was strange


as far as i know he live in the estate that is behind the stand in the Hyde for roughly last 30 years… They are playing a less innocent brand of football now that he is gone


We scraped a couple of draws one year I recall, another knack at times in the league. Kerry were absolutely steeped to make the final two years ago, and then won it of course.


Yeah mayo donated Mcstay as penances for robbing A Moron :joy:


And a headache :wink: