2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Phew, glad you were covered.


This ain’t mah first rodeo kid.


Terrible conditions today hard to judge much,andrews was good fentons shooting a bit wayward but it’ll improve

Few young Roscommon ones behind me went “do Dublin have a black lad” when cian o Sullivan got the ball and talking and laughing during the minute silence.If your like that don’t go to the game,but they don’t represent all of Roscommon obviously

As for the rossies they are nice people,cunningham has them riled up alright,they will not go down without a fight, but it’ll be hard to pick up points in there next 2 games


Galway have there number now. Certainly look like there in declne now .
The championship will be very dull if Mayo do not make the super eights this year in fairness there fans travel in large numbers .

their they’re their, no need for that, there.


As good an argument as any for an open draw, league-based or conference-based championship (home venues rather than neutral, where appropriate) as any.


Few clowns in every county pal unfortunately.me and most genuine fans were delighted welcome Dublin down and thank ■■■■ this this we could host the game rather than move it to Leitrim like last time.


Performances like that show an appetite for work that bodes well for the year that’s in it. Good win on a bad day with a poor ref. The free against Cian after he fielded the ball was comical.

Thought Cooper Cian Scully Con and Andrews did very well. Be what it may but we are a different animal with Cian playing especially given that he looks to have put his injuries behind him.

I thought that was Cons best day in a while and hopefully he pushes on. Caught a brilliant ball in the 2nd half with a defender dragging out of him. Howard can do no wrong it appears. Quality player.

Encouraging stuff bar a 15 minute period where we went out of it.


Thought Cian o Connor had a decent game at wing back . Andrews is showing well at the moment which is great to see a shame we’re not seeing much of kevin mc


Gavin is quicker than Fenton. He is deseptively quick for such a tall man.


I though he was very quick down in Tralee covers a lot of ground - him been razor thin makes him look awkward and as uroy says he has funny gait. Though I’m liking this lad and I’ll wager we’ll see him in the summer.


Fento caught a belter off a fairly flat, driven kick out from SC just before halftime. A fantastic catch over his head.


Conditions were brutal today rained for the whole game very very wet and the ball was like a bar of soap, so some of the play was very good we were well on top and let them back into it in last ten minutes of first half. Very disappointing to go in level.

They started well and got two quick points but after that we took over and were in full control for the rest of second half. To me it was a case of 2 points won move on to next game, as the conditions were a big influence on the game.

Considering we had 3 you could say 3th string defenders playing I thought we did well. Gavin continues to do well and he covers an amount of ground in a game, conditions certainty did not favour him but he did well again and is sure to be a starter for rest of league. Cian, Johnny steady as a rock. Great to see Andrews getting a full game very strong on the ball and never dispossessed , scored a brilliant point only for ref to pull it back for a free in. Con was very good as well today. All in all good day out but it was freezing good to be home thawing out.


Johnny Cooper was immense in the second half, won every ball and distributed very well. Think we won 90% of their kickouts in second half, underfoot conditions made free taking and score taking harder than normal.

Fair play to roscommon they at least brought a bit of fight, totally lost control of the second half and coughed up possesion to easily.


Oooeeerr matron!


You would get away with nothing on this site. Tripod Jim would not be pleased.


Really took over for the last half an hour just when it was getting sticky - so that was a plus. We had a lot of relative inexperience out there who coped well. Also considering how late we came back the fitness was impressive. Nit-picking, our 2nd half shooting was awful - lots of poor wides. Fento is human after all - Mannion too.

Cian and Jonny C looking great but I wish JC would not rise to the baiting just for once!

The substitutions continue to confuse me. Flynner? Poor point attempt. MDMA just 3 minutes - again. I noticed Kev Mc warming up at the time their guy got the red - but he never got a run when he could’ve been the man to draw a free or two?!


Interesting to hear what ahhh noooo mcstay will have to say.


Looking at the team again, it’s no wonder Dublin struggled a small bit at times today. Missing the below and people still expect them to blow teams away in those conditions in an away match. It’s madness.

Roscommon might not be great but it’s a division 1 game.

The strenght in depth in the half back line in particular is frightening.

Mick Fitz
McCaffrey (off early)
Howard (subbed on)
Mannion (subbed on)

To a lesser extent:
MDMA (subbed on)
Kev Mac
Flynn (subbed on)


Has Mc Stay changed county? He kept on referring to Roscommon as “We”


Think that is why you get so many tight games in the league. Also shows that Gavin is more interested in looking at how lads perfrom than the actually winning games. If he can look at some newer lads and also get the win, well and good, but I reckon it is pretty clear where is priorities are.