2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


It was clear was it? Not sure how it was clear, couldn’t even see Con the amount of players around him


Very well could be in Jim we thrust.


Wouldn’t have been my pick but he was decent today. My concerns are about how he’ll fare in Croker in a fast paced game come summer.


Given the fact the Rossie players who were in the refs face about every decision all game, didn’t really complain, tells me Con lost control rather than threw it


Likewise that is my concern. Fine player but doesn’t look very mobile


On the telly it looked like he either dropped it or it was knocked out of his hand. Would have been a very weak attempt at a throw.


Just showed it there again. Not even a debate. He didn’t throw it


My dodgy stream was very, eh, dodgy :roll_eyes:

How we’re we defensively considering the unfamiliar look to us following the last minute changes?

Very good.
Below average.

All the while taking the conditions into account.


Gavin did well. I thought Con, Cooper and Andrews had more influence on the game.


Am I right in thinking TG4 are playing the Dubs in Croke Park card ?


Most of the team still on the pitch for photos and autographs!!! Heroes


Yeah from my admittedly limited cupla focal that’s what it seems


Cormac as poor today as he was against Kerry


Any word on what happened to Jack? Seemed to be walking ok after coming off.


They did a bit.

Unusual for them in fairness


Don’t think he favoured anyone, just feel he made some very odd and inconsistent calls. Also if you compare how he refed that game to how Deegan has been referring games lately, it is chalk and cheese(not that I think either are great, it just shows the inconsistency).

As for the second goal, at first I also thought he threw it, but from one of the replays it actually looks like it was a kick pass.


Just saw it again, no throw, knocked out of Con’s hands


Anyway happy with how we performed as a rossie a hell of a lot better than last few hammerings albeit ye were def not at your best. Great to welcome the staunch dubs support down the country and was a great night in town last night and atmosphere around the place today.


I think that’s it.

Would have had Andrews or Cooper as MOTM


According to Gavin on RTE radio, Jack felt a tightness in his leg which they’ll suss out over the next 48 hours.