2019 NFL Round 5 Roscommon v Dublin - Saturday Mar 3 @ 2pm, Hyde Park


Ah lads the ref is bad for both sides. It was a clear throw ball for second Dublin goal. On us been rough probably true but to be honest I would rather see us like this that let us walk through us like ye have last few occasions. At least game is half competitive from our point of view


Manno and Con. It’s dreadful underfoot, we’ll forgive them. Think Rossies are done.


Does nt work that way , yer suppose to lay out the red carpet for Dublin to stroll through.


I think Con dropped the ball rather than throwing it.


Great score that by Scully. Still full of running even in these conditions.


Pure gazelle that lad


Lads. Shooting. Underfoot. Bog of a pitch. Cut them some slack imo, were not Mayo.


That’s a horrible challenge to the head. Third time no 5 has done it.


Good performance in last 20. We stepped it up


Roscommon scored the first 2 scores of the second half and have not scored since.
Dublin have completely taken over only for some wasteful shooting we would be out of sight


Straight red not yellow. Cunningham should spend less time making them hard men and work on their discipline a bit more.


We’ll see. He looks a bit slow and bulking up won’t help that. That said, I’m still undecided if he just has one of those gaits that makes him look slower than he is.


Clear free for Roscommon there


It’s his gait. I’m not talking about bulking up like the wwf a small bit of muscle to give that extra bit of power like fenton. He kicked a lovely score there.


O shea against Fenton was the same. Punch to the face, yellow card.


Get out of there as quickly as possible with the points . Not one for the purest .


Mannions tracking back and ball winning is fantastic to watch.


TG4 man of the match😀


And deservedly so


Gavin this year’s bolter?