2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park




I know.

To hell with the sums.

Am really, really hoping now he’s not a Chemistry teacher. :face_with_monocle:


24k at 1981 Kerry v Mayo All Ireland semi final.
In general attendances have never been better.


Mayo-Kerry semi in 2011 had 50k. The double header quarters between Kerry v Limerick and Mayo v Cork had 22,700.


Seán Andy and Seán Walsh are Rolls Royce players. You could see an All Ireland in that squad in the next few years, if we dropped a few percent and they really went for it.


The OAP and student discounts are gone so that could have a small effect on it

15 ain’t to bad but the Gaa made a shite of explaining it,everyone thought it was 20 and not 15


Or to put another way, the incessant propoganda about the Dublin dominance.
And it’s not as if we’ve been always winning finals and semi-finals easy, far from it most of the time. If I was a neutral I would have loved the battles between Dublin, Mayo and Kerry over all the years from 2011 til 2017. And the Donegal games too, despite all the negative side to their game under GMcG.

I also don’t think people emphasise the positive aspect of a great team, a truly great team. People do want o see them do their thing, not just see them get beaten or only when they have great contests. This will especially be noticeable this year as it has reached the point of possible historical proportions.


What somebody works at should not be brought into conversations on Res Dubs. Alan has the courage to use his real name on here. The rest of us don’t. What he works at is entirely his own business. End of rant.


Jesus. Would ye relax. He’s already told us what he does for a living. Several times.

If he’s wanted to be a male stripper since he was knee high to a grasshopper, who are we to judge? :heart_eyes:


I just don’t think it’s right to bring it up…and the whole male stripper thing…of a Sunday…Jaysus​:rofl::rofl:!!




Fair 'nuff so.

Humble apologies to our learned colleague.

(And to anyone who flies in any planes, crosses any bridges, works in any sky scrapers, or defuses - well, attempts to anyway - any bombs designed, engineered or built by any of his students. :crazy_face: )


@alanoc does all that, and all?


Very modest are our Marino comrades. :wink:


Think at first sight the price hike seems a bit steep, but if they had pushed them up by less on a yearly basis nobody would be complaining, They are probably paying the price of keeping prices the same for a few years.


A lot of winging about the price increases. I challenge anyone to attend any of the other major spectator sports and get better value. Ireland soccer friendly anybody?


Please stop comparing the GAA with soccer. There is no comparison. One is a professional sporting organisation whose main purpose is to make money. The other is a cultural institution that is being run more and more like a business. Which it shouldn’t be. Some thing should come before money.


The problem is Alan, even cultural institutions need money to run themselves. When was the last time prices were increased? I mean I could be wrong but All Ireland final tickets have been the same since 2011.


They need some money. Seems to me the main pursuit of Croke Park now is making money. By all means increase championship prices. But league games are where you find genuine fans. Tellling then to stump up at least a day before the game or pay a five euro fine seems a quite appalling way to treat the genuine fan.

And the need for money is due to them finding more and more ways to spend it. Me thinks there are a few things they could do without spending money on.


That is the key. How much money does the GAA need? Imo the core principles and ethos of the Association should not be compromised for money - especially when that money it is not necessarily essential. Unfortunately this has happened a lot in recent years.