2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


Yeh and haven’t lost to yis in the championship since, you’re right, that is progress to a degree :slight_smile:


Yerra sure the kerry lads thought it was 30 minutes a side and just didn’t turn for the last 7 minutes. :joy:


I always thought they blamed clucko for taking his time taking frees, I think they had him clocked at 4 minutes twenty seconds on one of them. And them someone told them it was going to rain so they got confused. It was probably some Langer from Cork, ya know them Cork lads always spoofing, winding up and trolling.


Maybe the Kerry lads mistook the final as a Munster final in 2011, and knew that 60 odd minutes of football usually wins one of those comfortably.


Go easy on him.


Oh, but what a degree!
I keep telling the young lad it won’t always be like this. I am turning into my oul lad, who insists that we still really aren’t all that (these lads won’t mark up/track back/ kick the jaysus ball over the bar etc. etc. - some people are never satisfied :grin:).


Can’t win our own ball, can’t give or take a belt, no big lad on the edge of the square?


He was wrong last week too :wink:


If you were at the hurling you might have thought I was right. Using Dublin and Mayo as a stick to beat anyone with is nonsense


Just saying it was a great crowd which it was. 12,000 tonight in Castlebar. People voting with their feet.


Mayo people are exceptional supporters. Always have been. But their team is always at the business end of things, which certainly helps.

Look at the Dublin hurlers to see how it is for a lot of football counties.


But it’s always been that way with Dublin hurlers - it’s nothing to do with admission prices.


Raising prices is hardly likely to help though. Especially by 33%!


Dublin dominance is a bigger factor imo


Agree Dublin dominance a factor but right now Football is just shite to watch … no luver of the 3 amigos on Sunday game but they have been calling it for years

Brollys tweet yesterday was a real eye opener how far down this shite has gone

Lotta people on here may have a go a mayo n Kerry but at least they play Football n give us as good as they get

Outside of watching dubs coz I emotionally have to Gaelic Football is shite to watch


Brutal wind there but mayo were poor, Galway make for ugly football with their defensive system, have the players to play a more open game.


Hasn’t been raised by that much of you buy in advance?


33% ?

Tickets are 15 quid if you buy in advance, versus 12 quid last year.

Hope you aren’t a Maths teacher Big Al.


In fairness that’s an increase of 25%.


I’m not. 20 per cent still a fair hike.

I have to admit the extra fiver on the day I find very annoying. For older people or people in poor health who may not be able to plan too far ahead it seems rather mean to me.