2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


You don’t get it here. I don’t think anyone here condones that type of talk - I certainly don’t. But I would echo what @Blueballs says re Aido here and in general he is fairly popular - though uncharacteristically nasty the other night - unlike him but sure it was ignored.

As for being the better team for having him - how do you know that? Maybe if he had been dropped at some point ye’d have won Sam.


No hatred towards aido. The other fella, that’s a different story…


I can only give my opinion , a lot of aidos work goes unnoticed , he’s a massive man , he does Trojan work between the two 45s . This best position debate I’m not sure I buy into it at all , Gaelic football has evolved so much especially as regards number on your back , mayo on song in their prime play a dogged middle eight and aido has always been a massive part of that .


That’s fair enough but I have to say I’m never disappointed to see him named to play against us.


Funny isn’t it. At one time I use have nightmares about the Gooch, but now…


We were discussing the noughties, do keep up. But I take yer point…

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Dublin fouled and fouled and that was the undoing against Cork. No blaming ref needed as ye lost that yerselves through poor discipline. Still made up a whopping 16 points on yer 2009 championship loss to Kerry so that was progress to a degree.


Where’s Graham Norton’s red chair when you need it …


have to disagree modem, dublin did commit too many fouls in the 4th quarter of that game through fatigue but these were generally adjudicated fairly by the ref and so did not alter the score unfairly. the 2 decisions on the cusack side , one leading directly to a point for cork and the other to the penalty (which in itself was wrong, the cork lad ran into a dublin player and then plonked on his hole, there was no foul) were clear-as-day wrong and directly changed the score by 4 points. no ifs and buts.


We can thanks Dublin Joe for that. On the line that day.


All the talk of points difference could be crucial…if so Dublin who have lost 2 games would need to win all their games and as we currently sit with the highest difference I’m confident that won’t be the reason of not making the final


I missed a lot of this thread so please forgive me if I go back over what others have mentioned.
I thought with Horan returning and his time as a pundit studying how the game has moved on we may have seen a new and even evolved and novel approach to this tenure.
From the evidence of last Saturday though and even the Roscommon game it would appear that his original approach is still in place. The in your face football. Cynical fouling, stopping quick frees and diving for to gain advantage were all in place. This may pay dividends with the poor refereeing that is so common place now in GAA and may well keep Mayo in the hunt but it would gall me to loose to them while they play like this.


We will agree to disagree. McConnell took ONeill down, it was a penalty clear as day.


Don’t suppose you saw the clear as day line ball that preceded that?


It’s clear you’re just here to argue and agitate. So why don’t you do us all a favor before you are inevitably banned and just p1ss off to you own social media site where you can agree with your likeminded county men that Kerry are just great and Dublin are this or that. Now p1ss off will you.


2009 was a watershed really wasn’t it? Kerry had been listing badly through the qualifiers, we were flying. Despite years of failure I think we were all confident our time had come. I remember giving my Da (Kerry) awful grief for the Summer and in the build up to the game. 3 minutes in I got a text off him , ‘where are yous now?’. Never as dejected leaving Croker. Well maybe after McDonalds point a couple of years before. Stayed on the hill for an age after that one. Why hadn’t Keaney gone for goal? Anyway 2010 was horrific too. Yeah the officials were dreadful but we made serious mistakes too. Left that day more apatethic than anything else. Never thought we’d win anything. 13 months later seeing Bryan Cullen raise Sam it felt like the twilight zone. Don’t shed tears too often but re runs of that get me. Anyway fast forward 8 more years and it’s like twilight zone on acid. No amount of bitter or anti dub propaganda makes any odds. What a time to be alive and what a time to be a Dub. Pity the rest of them.


Sadly, that is also my recollection of the incident, however there was a sideline incident prior to that.

Look, in every tight game, there are decisions that we all look to. Take Kev Mc’s double hop that was missed in the closing minutes of the greatest day ever! Take the Ger Brennan hands shove to Donaghy’s face? Could’ve been a red? If we didn’t get those decisions, we could be 24 years since our last Sam. It’s swings and roundabouts.

I certainly won’t get involved with the cudda/shudda brigade. I’ll just bask in the 4 in a row glory that we deserve. Ain’t no body gonna take that away from me!


Love this. I am that soldier!!!


O’Neill jumped into him and all Ross could do was hold on as he fell. It was very smart by O’Neill because he was surrounded. I can understand why the ref gave it, but if you watch the replay you’ll see the ref was played. No matter, we lost. You don’t always get the breaks.


No blaming the ref so, nor the linesman. But how did we make up points in a semi-final Vs Cork a year after a Qtr final Vs Kerry? That’s a bit confusing, I thought the championship was knockout at that stage and played per calendar year? But lookit they keep changing the format every year to try and save the game from the terrible state that it’s in so maybe I just missed that season’s rules.

Any thoughts on how Kerry lost that final in 2011? They did look well in control of that game with seven minutes to go.