2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


Good to know


JJF? More like XXF…


Eyre Square? I’m good with that.


Well if it’s Eyre square keep him away from super gacks ya know culchies love them burgers big fella like him could be damaging to his wellbeing


Jaden we are all God’s children some more than others.


Talking of big arsses! But seriously, I always thought it very unfortunate for Fennell and McConnell. They made themselves the best they could be, they just couldn’t completely change their body type. They would have been stars in other counties.


Aido has played in 5 AI finals and yet to score .
Last 2 years either his confidence has gone as regards kicking points or he has been told by management not to try and kick but lay the ball of to lads


I know. But Paddy Power has us at 2/1 to win another trophy before ye have figured out where to play Aidan O’Shea, so need to keep the stats handy.


At losing the ones that mattered most, I agree.


Which story was that?


Which Dublin players would you leave out to replace with your awesome 8? And please don’t include the O’Shea’s. Because they have Kerry blood doesn’t mean they can play football. They wouldn’t even make it into our 00s team and that squad didn’t even make an all Ireland final.


We made mistakes/had deficits that day for sure as I alluded to regarding the forwards in the second half but the ref clearly felt sorry for them after years of capitulation to their ancient rivals in games in Croker that were constantly built up by your lads in the media as some sort of clashes for the generation. The ref and linesman gave them a leg up in that last 10 minutes, it’s clear as day. They wouldn’t have got those decisions if they’d managed to get that close to Kerry.
But also their luck that year was getting Down in the final. For example, that Down team weren’t even close to last year’s Tyrone team. Mayo Né er got that luck but are clearly a better team than that Cork one. Kerry never had to beat any team that really put it up to them down to the wire in three of those All Irelands, let’s cut to the chase here.


Kerry did beat Mayo eventually in 2014 using their pure football skills derived from the Tuatha de Danann


Donegal v Mayo 2013 quarter final , aido put on a display that day that was one of the best I ever seen but it’s the Sligo game (Connacht final)that gets mentioned because that suits the narrative of playing his solid games down . The hatred on the hill for both aido and cillian and I’ve witnessed it and we weren’t even playing the dubs on one occasion proves they are fantastic players .talk about him in a negative disrespectful manner till the cows come home ,won’t change the fact we would never of been the team we have been without him .

He will have a big year this year , been my motm in both tryone and Cavan games so far . Never seen him as lean this time of year , Mayo might surprise those who don’t understand Mayo this year. I expect us to be in the mix up.


I was at the Cavan game and not a hope he was MOTM.

Caff was head and shoulders the best player in the pitch that night. Aido wasn’t any where near man of the match.


Christ - a very sensitive bunch. You give an honest fact based opinion here and it’s negatively disrespectful. The poster then has to go back 6 years for a decent display. Laughable. Nobody is calling anybody a knacker or a junkie or a car thief … abuse regularly leveled at Dubs.

I wish people would just stay on their own social media if they are such snowflakes.


A knacker , a thief and a junkie ? Thought you sat with the bigwigs. Michael D has a foul mouth on him …


No Dubs hate Aiden O’Shea. Probably the opposite since he seems personable, he got Donaghy sent off last year and after all, his alter ego Aido has delighted many contributors on this forum. It’s not his fault that he can’t deliver on the media love in, but it irks us when he gets all stars for not scoring in yet another all Ireland final.

We even have a grudging respect for Leeroy who got an all star for almost riding our Diarmuid. Diarmo should join the Me Too movement.

However, wedo openly dislike C’OC. He’s a sneaky fcuk running into players for black cards, throwing elbows and kneeling on players on the ground. He’s a bottler to boot.


Snowflake ,haha.

How did I have to go back six years for a decent game , I picked the Donegal game as his best game . Slight difference surely .

And sure you can deny the hate or whatever , I was there ,I heard the verbals with venom too I might add . Once I hear the “inbred” though I don’t bother engaging , no point in confronting ignorance