2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


i agree with that. the man is an intercounty player and he isnt unfit - the NFL lads when he did the combine tests were very impressed with him. I really think he has suffered from bad management. You cant have him playing on the square AND the opposition square in one season and expect to get the best out of him.

some say that bad management is because of politics and whatnot, but no matter, I think you could put him into a different team and he would be a much better player. Who, knows, that different team could be the championship version of Mayo this year under Horan. For all the stick he gets, he obviously gets on well with lads on our team and he came across as a sound enough on the toughest trade show. Sure we all succumb to the red mists on the playing field.


It would be a very interesting experiment to see him under Gavin, well since he already a has jersey maybe he…inpho_00965006


And he was really good when we played them at the international rules. But my point really was that his core attributes are speed and power, not stamina and agility. So he should be played in a position where speed and power matter, the full forward line. Even if the team isn’t doing well out the field, they need to resist the temptation to move him out there - because what he does inside he won’t be able to do consistently out the field.

Its the reason Dublin have Gavin and Fenton at midfield, and not (for example) MDMA and Fennell (well age aside, I exaggerate to make the point!).


If Gooch came along 10 years later he might not have been the success he was either. The first half of his career was much better then his second half because teams got tactically better set up, and we saw the demise of the big arssed corner backs.


Hey give it a rest, we, sorry I mean them lads have feelings as well.


This may have escaped your notice but the site is called reservoir dubs and naturally like most sports fans we tend to be biased towards our own team and their achievements. But as mayoman will attest, opposition fans if they re not complete bell ends will get treated well. You should learn from him.


Grand so.

I’ll amend my post.

Your 9 Mayo players have won 4 provincial titles. Zero leagues and zero All Ireland’s

Our lot have won 8 provincial titles, 5 leagues & 6 All Ireland’s

Happy now?

If winning provincial titles is that important to you, I presume we’ll be replacing a few of our lads with a few Rossies and a whole clatter of Galway lads too?

Jesus, at this rate, we’ll be lucky to have even one Dub left on this imaginary dream team of yours. Maybe Cluxton & Jack McCaffrey can duke it out between them as to stays and who goes? :roll_eyes:


Define a bell end in your books? Someone who says something that is not glowing in praise towards Dublin?

I challenged Proud Dub as did Mayoman as his/her post I didn’t agree with.

It’s a GAA forum and don’t be so sensitive to other non Dubs views.


Plenty of non-Dubs on here are very respectful and are treated, likewise, very respectfully.


Jeez I know how much ye won. Ye havent won anything extra since the last time you posted.


Fella has football in him and with his natural physicality and speed if managed properly he could have been a lot better. I still think he is an asset to any squad and the fact that so much is spoken about him would point towards others having the same opinion.
I would love to see him train and play for a month or two to see where best he could be deployed as I am still unsure. This is as mentioned above has maybe held him back as he couldn’t focus on any 1 position. The worsts example of this was a few years back when they tried to give him 10 mins inside and 10 mins out the field rotated. Madness how can a fella be focussed with that.


Edge of the square for me… I’d leave him there for a whole league and championship.


Darran O’Sullivan: the rain stopped Kerry from winning 2018 All-Ireland.


I genuinely have never seen much football in AOS - over many years. I don’t really understand all the theories here. Just an ordinary player made out to be a star might be the issue.


And again this point is as valid as all the other ones put out there. Maybe the whole wrecking ball the next Jack O’Shea thing got the better of him, maybe he has been mismanaged. Who knows.


LOL who ever called him the next Jack O’Shea?


Whatever about the merits of AOS, I doubt very much if Jim Gavin would have him aboard.
If I recall correctly one of Jim’s first acts was to gate Fennell and Ross McConnell. So the message was sent that the first criteria was that you need to be able to run around an awful lot, and fairly quickly. This is where AOS would fail the Jim Gavin test.
In fairness to Fennell, he will always have a special place in my heart after he won the throw ball with Donaghy in 2011. And as a result Ger Brennan was spared the wrath of an entire city!


A bell end imo is someone who comes into someone else’s house with the sole intention of riling them up. I ll leave it up to you to decide if that is an apt description.


I actually think it was Brolly, same lad who constantly criticises him! Have to double check.


Don’t think he said those words to be fair but the media may have created a headline, poor Darren and Kerry know that cannot be used as an excuse. Kerry were not able for Galway last year and were deservedly beaten. Big improvement so far this year but its only February.