2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


I was taking mainly about finals. Galway played nice football and right into Kerry’s hands in 2008, they weren’t close really. Armagh well beaten in 06, their backs were dying on their feet. Cork 09 was a cruise for much of it, always in control.

Cork were fir sure a very good team but were beaten before any game Vs yous in Páirc An Chrocaigh. They barely got past a mediocre Down team in that final, and, Dublin were only getting going, we had no attacking outlet in the second half really and the sending off was silly. We also got rode by the ref a bit, and our supposed friend Joe on the line that day.
Cork got the breaks that year that Mayo haven’t, softest All Ireland since Meath in 99


2016 I suppose. No matter, we dominated the game.




Or he could mind the corner flag



It was a little bit tongue in cheek about the Waterboy sentiment, but the simple fact remains that Aidan O’Shea wouldn’t get near a starting jersey for Dublin, even in a league game. He might make the panel, maybe.

The fact that multiple managements have persisted in trying to shoe-horn him into every possible team sheet, boggles the mind. If, after 10 YEARS of playing in the IC squad, you still haven’t figured out the best position is for a player - then maybe, just maybe, the best position isn’t always on the pitch.

But he is literally un-droppable. Given the stark disparity in form versus starting potential, there will always be those trying to explain that by other means.

Last weekend, he near suffocated from being in Cian’s pocket, and that’s only when he could keep up with Cian’s forays forward. He was completely ineffective - yet, the general opinion is that he had an OK to good game. Jim would have hooked him after 15 minutes based on that display.


Thats the difference really. Jim has no problem dropping established players . Maybe mayo just don’t have anyone else to replace aido .


Love the way you include Leinster titles but Connacht titles are nothing…


I hear you. But Gavin is not just any manager, could he take AOS (like Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares) and improve him as a player? And I genuinely mean that and not as sneer.


By my reading of it if we win the rest of our games, and Galway win the rest of their games we will be level with them. If Mayo win the rest of their games though, we can’t catch them and they will be ahead and most likely Kerry would be ahead.

The fear is that Kerry play Mayo in their second last game when they are practically in the final, and they put out a weak team and give Mayo the win. That would keep Mayo ahead of us and us out of the final and probably give Kerry the league.

If we finish level with only Galway or Mayo we will be ahead on head to head. But if we all finish together it’s score difference - then the missed points matter.


But replacing him doing what exactly?

Can’t kick points (Five all Ireland finals with no score).
Slows up half forward line.
Is marked out of games at Full Forward.
Not mobile enough for Midfield.
Has played in Back line, to what effect?
(How is he in goals, only place he hasn’t played).


I think the issue with AOS though is that too much is expected of him. He is a huge guy, he can’t be the player that goes up and down the field winning ball. Just because he can do it a couple of times a game doesn’t mean he can do it every time.

Like any guy that uses bulk as part of his armory, he is sacrificing mobility. So management shouldn’t expect him to be both mobile and a ball winner. Big guys need to be in relatively stationary positions and used to win ball near the goal. If they get two or three balls there it can have a huge impact. The problem is when a team isn’t winning midfield, and they see the guy inside winning ball they put two and two together and move the big guy out - but generally they just aren’t suited to that type of role.

Aussie rules is full of O Shea type players and they all play near the goal in our full forward type role.


Ah sure that’s logic around here


I’m sure he has some qualities we are all missing or are blind to :joy:


Well there are more games in the champ then a final. It’s not Kerry’s fault they won games by a big margin. They were a very good team. You have a different view of those games I mentioned fair enough.

Rode by the ref against Cork? No chance. If so well the refs certainly balanced it all out in the next decade.

Cork had been knocking on doors for few years to be fair were even better in 2012 until they met Donegal. No All Ireland is softly earned, I was at that Cork Dublin game and yes Dublin should have won but Cork took the chance.


Cute story I give you that


But Kerry were the Team of that Decade


His stats for speed and power were pretty impressive for a guy his size in the combine when doing the toughest switch to NFL


Yerra they weren’t a patch on the Tyrone lads. Armagh 02, Tyrone 03, 05 & 08 Kerry couldn’t win the tight games.


Yerra sure Tadgh Keanelly was only putting down a marker breaking Nicholas Murphy jaw in 09 final


Massey Fergusons don’t win Grand Prixs. Gooch wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the NFL, it is no yardstick to measure a GAA player with.