2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


Cork have that wrapped up!


Just looking at the Mayo game again, God the free taking was awful. I suspect second place in the league will be a three way tie with score difference separating the teams. Those misses might cost us.

They will definitely sow a seed of doubt in Gavin’s mind about not having Rock in the field. Mind you, I have never seen Costello do that before.


Deano had some awful efforts now and then especially in the earlier years. But so do most of the best at some stage.


I recall Costello scoring a bucket load of frees v cork a few years ago in a great 2nd half comeback.He took them off the ground and had a toe-stabbing the ball type technique .Very effective it was too.


Yeah, he wasn’t a great free taker until he was a few years out of u21 - but he didn’t start getting his place regularly until the scoring rate went up.


Agreed. Might need to absolutely pulverize the Rossies on Sunday to up our scoring difference. Not that we won’t bate them handy enough anyway, but no easing off the throttle in the 4th quarter & letting sloppy goals in. Everything counts from here on in.


Cork won an AI in 2010, unless referring to a different Cork team


Oh indeed Dublin were 7-10 points better but credit to Kerry for only losing by only 2 points at the finish and for making a much better game of it then everyone expected. Jammy goals? Every team gets them. 2015 was similar, but Donaghy should have had a peno. It would have been robbery all the same as on general play Dublin were well in front.


Kerry had competition in the big games too lad. May not have always been in the
00 winning finals but there were some tough ones along the way, Armagh in 06, Dublin in 07, Galway in 08, Cork in 09 final was also close enough. Each time Kerry were challenged ferociously. Cork won the AI in 10 and were a great team, didn’t they beat ye in that semi and ye winning it the following year.

Same with the 70s/80s side.


But ye never beat the team of the decade in the noughties :wink:


Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Paddy Durcan, Parsons obviously pre the injury well good enough, Seamus OSe, Andy Moran, Diarmuid OConnor.


Durcan is a smashing player.


All fine players but instead of which players is the question.


I’d take Higgins, Keegan, D. O’Connor and Parsons for sure (with some luck that lad will get back playing). And honourable mention to Barret. Would wonder what Jim Gavin would do with AOS. Could he get that extra bit out of him? Andy just that wee bit to old, but the year before last, yes.


Nine players who have won sweet fcuk all…over 15 - 20 odd Dublin lads who have won 6 All Ireland’s, 5 leagues & 8 provincial titles this decade? You’re taking the piss there now lad.

If you stopped at Lee Keegan or Andy Moran (in their prime,) we might have a discussion, but when you start throwing in the likes of Seamy O’Shea or Diarmuid O’Connor, you are just being ridiculous.


Aidan O’Shea as an impact sub 4 or 5 years ago on the edge of the square with the likes of the Brogans feeding off him would have fit in well with Dublin, I reckon. But not now, sadly for him.
As others have said, Keegan, Durcan, D O’Connor, a fully-fit Parsons would all challenge for places. If ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ focused more on playing the ball, he might have a chance. Andy Moran of three-four years ago, but not now.

If I was a Mayo fan, however, I wouldn’t be too concerned for now. They tend to get better as the year goes on. I can see them making the Super 8. I think they can beat anyone in Croke Park or McHale Park (other than Dublin) which may get them to an All-Ireland semi-final. This is all, however, on the assumption that they are not caught out beforehand, which is an Achilles Heel for them.


They have won numerous Connaught titles and went to to toe with Dublin in 15/16/17. One kick of a ball in it each time. Dublin are not that far ahead to say that they wouldn’t consider some of the players I mentioned in their panel. I listed 8 players but could squeeze one more


every cork team, mr modem.


Credit indeed, on both occasions, yis maintained a fine standard of competition, with a smattering of luck.
As yous might put it, it wasn’t even a first cousin of a penalty in that 2015 final and you know it well. The Kerry media mafia narrative had a hard-on for Star and that he could never get a free. They ignored of course the fact that he got away with murder alot of the time, knees into the back, obstruction, barging, timely nudges which from him are dunts, octopus grappling, constant verbals and giving the ref dogs grief, and the occasional swan dive.

Backing into backs and engaging them with his arms then going down despite being by far the bigger, stronger lad was in his armoury too. Cute enough at it he was as well. Never got called out for any of it of course, royalty along with the rest of them, crowned by your own media cohorts and those others under their spell. And he went looking for a bit of help from them after that game too, whilst playing disingenuous about it.
Can’t gave been easy after all the glory, stuck in the back pockets of Rory O’Carroll and Philly, squashed in there with the medals he reckoned they stole off him in 11, the craythúr.


It was 3 points.