2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


They are far better than Donegal, I would NEVER EVER underestimate Mayo. In a number of ways they have earned my respect, both players and fans.


The so called greatest team ever got lucky themselves in 16 against a poor enough Kerry side. All top teams need a bit of luck that’s got sure. Mayo are a great team and I would expect to see a Kerry Mayo league final yet.


How do you mean?


Spot the chip on ones shoulder.


Every team gets their little bit of luck from time to time and we’re no different,they’ve pushed us all the way in every final we’ve played them in

I’d never write them off,but the management don’t do them any favors at all


Yerra we were lucky we had David Gough to bail us out.


Chip on one’s fair shoulder?


Now you are talking sense


That’s very true. Nothing between the teams in 17 especially which was the best final in recent times where both teams played great football. Mayo went toe to toe with Dublin.




Not at all. I like my chips in a bag with just a dash of salt and vinegar.


Let’s just look at that now, for a second. Despite conceding two freakish goals, Dublin remained composed enough to come back from 5 points down against a team who had won the All-Ireland only two years previous.
Dublin’s luck would have come against Mayo, playing poorly enough in the first game (gaining from two own-goals), avoiding defeat.
The grain of truth in what you have said would refer to Mayo. They (and it’s probably no consolation to them) are probably one of the best teams never to win al All-Ireland.


awaiting some yerra, yerra, yerra. Someone’s busy typing.


Freakish or opportunistic? Anyway it’s irrelevant. Views are entitled, my opinion is as valid as your own. But indeed agree on Mayo. Fine fine side and I disagree with Dub09 comments that few if any of current Mayo squad would make Dublin’s panel.

In 17 Dublin toasted Mayo in the league but when it came to the crunch game in September we saw the real margin of difference.


At the end of the day you can’t argue with consistent results so the same argument applies to Mayo’s victories in the qualifiers those couple of years as to Dublin’s wins over Mayo in all the finals. The result is what matters when it’s consistent. People tend to get selective with evidence for opinions. Kerry had several dodgy performances in qualifiers on the way to winning Sam in 09.


The greatest and most hard-done-by referees County in the history of football got lucky that day with a jammy goal straight after a goal was gifted to them.
For about 80-90% of that game they were very much second best and like 2015 a 7-10 point defeat would have been a fair reflection.

But fair enough, fair play to yis, yis managed to ride yisser luck and make a real game of it both those days on the scoreboard and in 2015 if the ref had fallen for Donaghy backing into McCauley and then diving it could’ve been even closer.


Winning being the operative word here.


Especially if yous don’t show up in the game against them…
On the subject of Mayo Vs Dublin in the All Irelands, at least we’ve had some serious competition in winning them, unlike the Greatest Team in the History of the Game in most of their 4-timer era (the one time it was put up to them they lost, well three or four times if you include 83, 77, 76…) and some of the times in the 2000s, such as 04, and 06. And the only teams to really put it up to them in 09 were weak opponents in the qualifiers and to a lesser extent a Cork team that never got close in many attempts in Croker notwithstanding the flukey draw in 08.


In 2017 we had a systems failure in the first half - O’Gara starting full forward to negate AOS backfired (although i really hope he started to clean out the full back as opposed to get AOS to drop back) but more importantly Jack Mac going off banjaxed the whole show - not only would he have ripped mayo a new one with his runs , breaking the tackle , it resulted in mcarthy going to half back and flynn coming on at midfield where the game passed him by and we were cleaned out - We did well to get in at half time a point down , and then Connolly came on to save the day - and the rest is history.


And the point being that you can’t use that opinion about those finals and a completely opposite opinion about Mayo’s wins in the qualifiers. The results were what mattered as they were consistently winning those games over a space of three years…