2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


And I can assure you that many of those Drumcondra Bedsits were often a great source of succour and solace to a young student in the '70’s when he missed the last 36A to Ballymun.
We liked to think we were doing our bit for Inter County relations…


But he wasn’t under massive pressure. I’m not saying for a minute that he’s not the best manager out there, probably, (though we must also allow for what he has around him etc of course), but you can’t just compare other coaches by saying he said this or that, no other coaches, and least of all Horan, have the luxury of being able to take the higher ground and shrug it off. All other managers have to find an angle, an excuse, a deflection, anything to work their situation to the best possible advantage.

Having said all that, as I posted above/previous, Horan is one of the people who most set the bar for cynical mind-games, starting back in 2012, so I also don’t have any sympathy in terms of challenging what he says.


How does a whole squad and three different Mgmt teams ‘punch above their weight’ for years? That’s like saying Leicester City could have challenged for major honours every year of the last 7. They didn’t, of course. No team or club that doesn’t have some serious quality can possibly do that, the law of averages at least will put paid to that.

Mayo post 2014 husbanded their resources to maximise their performances in latter end of championship. But in order to be able to compete at all with the best opposition out there, they still had to be good enough. Prior to 2014 they reached two All-I finals and Two semi-finals, one ending in an epic replay to the eventual champions, and they won 5 C.Titles in a row, most of them in style.


It really irked me that was no mention of Ado’s ‘slap’ into Fenton’s head. I’ve watched it back several times and if it was an attempted swat at the ball Ado would want his mammy to take him to the eye doctor. Pure filth. Fenton? The purest, cleanest footballer in the country subjected to this shite gan focal. Bollox. We really know where we are now…


Mayo were terrible sat night and based on dat night not one of them would have made the Galway team not mind Dublin but I don’t rate teams on one game.

Also you claim last year was more our level…so we aren’t even a top 8 team? I think Mayo have showed since 2011that we are better than last year.


You’ve lost me. :thinking:


After a night in Magnums…


Same name as an area on the Sside of Dublin, perhaps… :roll_eyes:


But surely the point is that an old team is getting even older. That a lot of miles on the clock are clearly beginning to tell? I’m not talking about 2011 - I’m talking about now. Every knows what Mayo nearly did this decade. But in 2017 you absolutely fell over some very poor teams - needed AET v Derry at home and Cork, a replay v Roscommon but put in one decent showing in the Final. Last year there was no similar rub of the green and you went out to Kildare.

And the best 8 teams are not necessarily those in the Super 8s. The reality is that there aren’t near 8 good teams in the country at the moment.


mayo certainly are top four at the moment, they were absolutely the number two for several years till last year, the the course of that development curve left them open to early ambushes in Connaught and in the backdoor. What happened last year in Newbridge had almost happened a few times before in the backdoor. Had Mayo drawn anyone else they could have been in the QF’s and we simply do not know if they would imploded there or kicked on.

Who is at the various levels really cant be guessed till July these days. I would say that operating at 100% for all teams its Dublin, Kerry then a choice of Mayo, Galway, Tyrone who are all of a muchness really. The usual suspects really.


Based on what? One good performance all year in 2017, not reaching the top 8 last year and not doing much of anything in the league this year.


well, as i said in the post, behind us and kerry, on a level with galway and tyrone.

tied for fourth so.

i think they will abandon the development curve that rochford went for this year, then we will see.


Fair enough, personally I’d have them behind Tyrone, possibly even Galway, even if they do play putrid muck. Might even have them behind Donegal too (who I know are having a poor league). Of course, I could be made look very silly on a few months time when we meet them yet again let on in the all Ireland series.


Don’t understand??


It annoying pundits picking selective incidents which CCC pick up on. Colm O’Rourke in the Sindo a couple weeks ago saying Michael Fitzsimons deserved a straight red card for stupidity against Kerry. Like if a player is grabbing you by the neck are you supposed to just stand there?


Your argument Mayo nearly lost to Derry is flawed…Galway in 98 were poxed to beat Roscommon and Leitrim…every teams gets a slice of luck and indeed Dublin have had a bit of luck too. Limerick in semi final last year v Cork v lucky.

Anyway I’m fed up of going around in circles on this so will have to agree to disagree


they will not use rochfords plan of aiming for the all ireland and tailoring their development in a way that left them vunerable to losing in connaught and heading on the road.

i think connaught title is aim number one this year. then see how the cards fall as they’ll be straight into the super eights


On its own it would be but I have pointed out all the other poor performances that year also. Look I’m given an opinion on the evidence in front of me - it’s an assessment I’m not slagging them off.


I think all teams need a little luck on their side when competing for Sam, the intensity is huge in Championship and one or two mistakes per half are the difference of winning and losing. I remember watching Kerry pox it against Sligo when they should have been beaten, nearly sure they beat Cork in the AIF that year. Its funny how Mayo backed Donegals motion last week considering their own best performances this decade have come in Croke Park, sure didn’t they bate Kerry out the gate in the replay there.
The current ratings right now and division 1 is a decent barometer are Dublin, Kerry and then you can swap 3,4,5,6,7,8 place around depending on a slice of luck.
We are watching the greatest Dublin team of all time and quite possibly the greatest football team of all time and long may that continue


Ah, here??? :slight_smile: