2019 NFL Round 4 Dublin v Mayo - Saturday Feb 23 @ 7pm, Croke Park


Two Mayo men in the commentary box for a Mayo game & another one back in the studio, if Horan was still around. (As there was last year.) Very unbalanced coverage I’m.

Thankfully, the match was a complete damp squib, with not too many talking points, or controversial incidents. If there had been any, you can be darn sure any Mayo transgressions would be swept under the carpet & all Dublin ones shouted from the rooftops. Cue another media witch hunt. That’s what I have/had a problem with Eir’s coverage, not merely Saturday’s game per se.


So did Evan. that happens when you force it to try gain a 60/40 opportunity. Cluxton has a few a game also. But when the overall picture is seen and kickouts won are measured you will generally take a few wayward ones if you can retain 70/75% upwards possesion


There were two incidents - one of which was blatant - both of which were ignored.


Was it’s not michael Meehan on Saturday?


Who was BJP doing commentary for?


It was Meehan - BJP was pitchside with Smiley Senan and Marc O’Se




Ah, so someone got sense & realised 2 Mayo men doing commentary is over kill. Nice to see they found a home for him elsewhere in the ground. Basic point still stands though.


The great sporting story of this decade need a minimum of three mayo men. See of the boil for that practice



Surely you jest.

At last count, OTB had Nathan Murphy, Joe Molloy (Mayo parents,) Kevin Kilbabe (ditto) David Brady, BJP, John Meehan & James Horan all doing hosting duties, or with regular punditry gigs. All claiming allegiance to Mayo of some sort.

We have Mossy on 3 or 4 times a year, if we’re lucky. And still the culchies bleat on and on about “the Dublin media.” :roll_eyes:


A minimum of three at any one time. So an impartial and unbiased opinion can be had. It’s important they all agree at Molloys deep thinking and analysis of what makes this county the ‘sporting success story of this decade’.


Don’t forget their biggest fan, KK.


Mangetout Rodney, mangetout, but I believe I did name check KK already.


Irish rugby team? :slight_smile:


The heartbeat of the nation!


The other KK, (D6 or 10 I think)


Not one mayo player make the dublin panel? Jesus we really have been punching above our weight.


Not from the bunch of players who played for Mayo on Saturday evening that’s for sure. The one certainty Keegan who was always good enough looks a shadow of the player he once was at the minute.

I don’t usually sympathize with Mayo supporters but I felt for those who travelled up on Sat to watch that performance and then had to face that journey back late on Sat evening.


Fúcks sake, the bedsits in Drumcondra are only 5 minutes away.


Well I am talking now - having seen last Saturday night. Would you make a case for anyone? :thinking:

Indeed you have been punching above your weight for years - last year you found your weight I think and can expect more of the same this year imo.