2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


Last time I was in Wex Park to see us play in a championship match there was a message painted on a wall, it read - The Dubbees Are Dead.
I think it was a sign…


I dont recall major hurt after 2017 NFL final that i felt after 2014 AISF. It may be something to do with the fact that 2014 was such a surprise.
I know we were down to 14 and also lost our defensive captain and Mannion our most effective attacker on the night.
The lads are also only back from the holliers but it still annoys the hell out of me that we lost given the comeback and the momentum we had in the last 10 minutes.
Kerry had more intensity which is to be expected and a draw would have been a great achievement.
Am I correct to assume the new lads apart from D Gavin are not considered from now on?
I also expect the bandwagon to get us out of Croker now will gather more steam possibly leading to a successful motion at Congress regarding CP neutral status for Super 8s.
Dont know if we have a tall enough guy at the back at the moment to counteract a Moran or Walsh getting fed accurate ball into the square unless we convert one of our giants for that role?No use having extra cover man around if the marker cannot break the ball down out of the ffs hands.

Get Dublin outta Croker 2019 style

Game not on the BH weekend either so won’t cause an issue with accommodation price wise (In theory)


Confident…or ironing. Time will tell.
Brian needs to buck his ideas up alright, he’s just a big small cog in a large wheelan.


Ironing :sweat_smile:.


You get creased around here for typos!


Was he pressing the wrong keys?


You mean the article about pulling DC’s tail?

For sure Kerry got away with stuff they criticised the rest of us for. Get the name of an early riser and you can sleep to lunch time.

I guess the problem is that there aren’t enough top teams.

So for the rest of us…it was sit back and watch Dub, Mayo an Kerry.

Last year’s final was a brilliant occasion…but I’m sure many neutrals thought it was a foregone conclusion.


Was last there in 85 for the 1/4 final .SItting on the pitch in front of the terrace with the brother.Granddad took us down as my dad went down with his mates on a session Dubs fans took over the scoreboard that day.Bate them by about 19 points.Mad crowd that day.


Didn’t someone fall through the roof into the dressing room!


Yep. Think it was referenced in The Dubs in the Rare 'Aul Times


That was around 1992.


Remember that incident with your man falling through the roof of the wexford dressing room he got a few slaps off the wexford player’s for his troubles a fella from tallaght i think .


I think the word is stoic …


It was 93 .


And have the media salivating over his getting involved in sideline melees, theatrics etc etc?

Not bloomin’ likely !

Last time I checked, our managers name was Jim Gavin & not Kevin McStay or Davy Fitzgerald.


Then it was Dessie’s book that it was referenced in then


Is it safe to go near the kerry forum yet ???


Yeah Farrell references it. Who wrote the rare aul times book ?


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