2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


He will be on off the ball tonight and the whole lot will be creaming themselves.


Yeah but look at the team that Jim Gavin put out. There is no way we would have lost on Saturday, if Cluxton, Kilkenny & some of the more experienced players started. Jim is choosing to blood younger lads, so we were playing with a weaker hand & deliberately so. We are comparing apples to kumquats methinks.


Testing time for anyone who’s not Stephen, I’d argue. Hell, Stephen Cluxton wasn’t even Stephen Cluxton at Comerford’s age. I’m delighted that he’s got three straight games tbh.

We do need to prepare for…ya know…when Cluxton…eh…when Cluxton…ah, you know what I mean…even if I can’t bring myself to say it.

When Clux does return between the sticks, it’ll be interesting to see how he operates with the kick-out rule change. That extra bit of time required to get the kick-out away must be a pain as a keeper given how we’ve got used to it being pinged out in double-quick time.


We’d played a lot experienced lads as well, including subs. How many senior all Ireland medals did our selection have versus Kerry?


Losing happens sometimes even 2 from 3 occasionally. No need for state of the union stuff.


It must also be said, that Clucko makes mistakes every game too. Even in the big games. Yes, he is peerless in the game, but he’s also human. I know I’m biased, but I think that Evan is excellent. He is also still very young, and 'keepers don’t really mature fully until mid 20’s usually.


Dunno. I don’t have enough fingers & toes to count that out on.

We were missing Cluxton & two out of our three Footballer of The Year nominees didn’t start. If all 4 played the full 70+ minutes, we would have won the game. And I am unanimous in that. :blush:


Indeed Cluxton wasn’t the same player back in the early days. Comerford needs time to develop, and to experience games such as last Saturday (there was a cracking atmosphere, a real buzz in the ground).


That’s true of course. In fact, we could have won that game with the selected team if we had adjusted our tactics, But I don’t think JG was to bothered about it. Probably more interested in giving players game time in a competitive environment.

I’m just saying that because we were missing some players is not an excuse for losing. We had plenty of chances to draw. We could have even gone ahead. Their last score, we didn’t even get a challenge (or foul) in. If we need all our best players starting to beat a very young Kerry team, then the future is not very attractive. Fortunately, i don’t think that’s the case.


For those who travelled - what was the craic like? Were ye treated like the royalty we are? Did ye get any All Ireland Minor medals in your change? Did they behave like an-m-l-? Any good stories?


I would be worried that we still had a large core of our team playing on Saturday and Kerry were missing their young marquee player. That said, and I am saying this as someone with no inside track in either camp, it looks to me like Kerry have a few weeks (at least) more training under their belts.


Great time had by all in my company.Stayed in killarney and travelled up to the match.Met some of the management and co on their way into TAtler Jacks very late saurday night.Would say there was some very sick individuals sunday morning …and thats not the ones who never even made to the game.:fearful:Was like xmas eve in the local @11am saturday morning in the Failte bar.


Dublin’s most important game in 2019 will take place in 103 days against Louth or Wexford in the quarter final of the Leinster Championship. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching the League over the years it still means sweet fcuk all. Any county would gladly trade one hundred Leagues just to be in an All-Ireland Final. The League is a great way to set yourself up for a productive Champo run. You can blood new players in competitive games that mean fcuk all. It also gives the lads a chance to play a match because they can’t play for their clubs. The League is great but in the end nobody gives a hydraulics.


We’re only 4 weeks back and were still missing a cohort of players from both the starting 15 and even the squad.

Philly, Cian, Kilkenny Cluxton not even in the squad.
Jack McCaffrey certain starter too by the time summer comes along.

Kerry missing Clifford and O’Donoghue obviously too but I think they got lucky, Mick Fitz getting sent off effectively won the game for them I think. Otherwise I think we at least grab a draw.

Also, the rules which they played well (bringing on T.Walsh for offensive mark) won’t be around come the summer time.

Even though we lost I was very satisfied with how we played and fought back especially.


I thought his shot on goal was fairly offensive alright …


Where will the Louth game take place ? They have played in Parnell the last few years in championship.


When did Louth beat Wexford?


LAR apologies havent been online this weekend and didnt read thread before posting. If i missed something in this regard fair enough. I will disregard its implications vis a vis our performance on Saturday night.


Being played in Wexford

We’ll play them in Portlaoise if they beat Wexford. If it’s Wexford it’s down in Wexford


I hope Wexford win. Went down with the hurlers twice. Would love to go to a football game there.