2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


In what has been a hugely barren spell in their terms, Kerry have still inflicted most defeats on Dublin in Jim Gavin’s reign - 3 of the 10. They are never far away …


They always have done. Colm Cooper got away with it throughout his career.


They started this in the 70s. All teams do it now.


We ll see how good the kingdom young stars are when they have to get out of their super 8 group. Talent is there but can they last the pace when the pressure is on?. They were deserving winners on sat but dublin had 3 chances at the end and at least 2 of them were very scoreable.


That’s all grand but us not taking our chances in that type of situation is as much a concern as anything Kerry did/might have done


I suppose the positives for Dublin are parnell Park can be used for yer division 2 games next year :wink:


Calm down , how often does this team let you down.


Ah no Dublin still will qualify for the league final in my opinion…wonder what odds you’d get? Great goal by Callaghan. Only saw the highlights but looked to be a great game and crowd at it.


jaysus Mayoman, can’t see that happening.


I’m calm as lad, shure wasn’t i on the Hill in 83 meself, getting my spinal column amongst other things rearranged.
It’s just an alternative view to yours, don’t panic.


We have to win all our remaining games for that to happen, and hope that you also lose another game. Kerry can afford to drop a game and still make the final. That raises the specter of the last round were we could be hoping mayo lose in Tralee for us to make the final. What a dilemma, but cushioned by the prospect of playing the KTF in the final.


You seemed a bit worried, I like to help fellow ressers out particularly those of us scarred by the collapses in the Tommy Carr and Pillar Caffrey eras.But if you say it’s all zen …


Most disappointing loss since 2014 AI SF.
Game was there for the taking at the end but some bad decision making and shooting cost us dearly.
As did poor defending for their winning point. We have been vulnerable to opponents running at us down the centre for a while.
Also need to find a full back who can deal with the high ball to a tall full forward.
Better to be finding these things out now.
Maybe its dealt with elsewhere but why was Jayos departure announced the week before a crucial league game? If it was agreed by all parties surely the close season would have been the time to make it public?


Apollo, your question about Sherlock would indicate you spent the weekend under a rock.


Disagree, League final 2017 against Kerry was a stinger. For me this a glass half full loss. Kerry threw everything at us and might have showed their hand. They are a damn good team and for me the real threat this year, more so than Mayo. Glad we have that out of the way so early in the year.

Your right about a full back, whats the story with that chungfella McMahaon?


I’m always worried, it’s my natural state, it keeps me prepared for battle at all times. You should look out for yourself, I can’t do that. Helping fellow Ressers comes in many forms. You seem like a good lad though so whatever about Zen it would appear like you’ve got the karma angle covered.


Yet by changing to 5aliveOh it suggests you are confident. Anyway I ve been on to Fenton about his wayward shooting , all sorted and won t happen again.


Yep and two are agin’ Monaghan.

Remind me again how many AI’s they have? :thinking:

Mayo have come the closest to beating us in the summer & they’ve have had piss poor leagues during Jim Gavin’s tenure. So go figure…


Dorothy writing in Star says Dublin are starting to feel the pressure of going for the 5 in a row : :roll_eyes:



The point is that even when Kerry (and I am only talking about Kerry here) are going badly they still beat us regularly. We didn’t beat them for years when we weren’t going well.