2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


Probably what the GAA needs.

As exciting as it was to get to the Final…last nights game was much better than any game in 2018.


Fantastic photo. Anton looking a little bit stronger. Fair play to Donnchadh Walsh. A credit to the GAA, his club and his family.


It is not a question of who is playing who when it comes to games between top sides, it is just a question of the tactics both teams use, I mean the way Galway are playing at the moment what difference would it make if it was in a tiered competition or whatever, the football they play would bore anyone regardless of the competition.
Last night basically 2 teams played an open attacking brand of football and it made for good viewing.


I agree.

No matter which way the format is sliced and diced…you’ve really only 3 top teams.

But at least the last lots of games between Mayo and Dublin have been intense and exciting and here’s hoping Kerry’s game isn’t a one-off.


The bottomline is that Kerry and Mayo are probably the only two counties in recent years that felt they could beat Dublin and went out with aim of doing so, whereas most others have gone out with the idea of trying to stop Dublin and I reckon a lot have trained with damage limitation in mind and for some it now seems the only way they can play the game, I mean when you see a team playing ultra defensively when winning, it may not be attractive but it is understandable, but teams like Galway play that way even when losing.


I agree with all of that.

You watch Cavan play and you can see why they won’t go toe-to-toe with Dublin. Containment is perfectly understandable.

Kerry and Mayo don’t attack Dublin because they want to ‘play the right way’ and please Joe Brolly…it’s because they believe it’s their best chance.

After the 17 semi, i swore I didn’t want to see Tyrone play defensively against Dublin again. But they don’t have the forwards either.


They got walked through for goals last year. Con and Mannion did it again last night. O’Beaghlaíoch is too small. He got brushed aside last night for the goal. They need to develop players in that area, even more so in the half back line.


Surprised there is very little comment here about our short predictable kick-outs last night. It certainly slowed down our attack and gave plenty of time for Kerry to set up their defence. It will not do for the Summer. I would have expected that Comerford would have known a few practiced Kick-out calls by now. Very disapointed with his lack of ambition last night, (unless he was told to go short every time) one kickout did not even get outside the D. Another short kickout went directly to a Kerry player resulting in a score. The previous week Small got the line trying to recover a poor kick-out. Testing time for Evan.


Yeah, because he’s making the decisions of what to do on kickouts!

Jesus wept!


We don’t know that he’s not. I don’t think the team is managed down to every kickout.

I’m not knocking him, I think he is good. But the point above is valid, there has been an over reliance on short ones.


Fitzsimons awful under high ball, bullied by Geaney who is smaller than him.

We need to find players for full back line. Shame Sean MacMahon not getting a look in.


Sneaky hoor Keepers’ fans throwing their voices again eh?


:laughing: :clap:


I wouldn’t. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that. I was delighted we didn’t have to play Kerry or Mayo for once last year. I was completely sick of the whole Keegan-Connolly thing, it would have been fine if it was mainly a great footballing spectacle but those years, those clashes that should have been the iconic highlight of the era were wasted on pulling, dragging, shadow-boxing, getting away with shit, interspersed with occasional brilliant moments, glimpses of what should have been. I still trace it all back to the cynicism of DOSe proposing the idea in the national media. That Kerry team made cynicism an art-form, they have a lot to answer for and got away with scot-free with many of the main architects spouting their shite in the media on a regulal basis still.

The same people who raved about it were and are moaning about the state of the game and the impact of Dublin’s dominance. The utter irony and hypocrisy is lost on them.


He’s not even in the panel which in itself is baffling


Attendance for Tralee already recorded for season tickets. Great people in that office!


Think we are in a good place.Still a few to come back.Have to say the toilet facilities behind the goala were decrepidNo need in this day and age.All in all another great weekend away.


Did you lose a score somewhere chief? :wink::rofl:


Let Kerry get carried away and have the spotlight on them. It goes to show how far they have fallen when they get excited about beating Dublin in a league game in February.


Donie Buckley will no doubt be working on the defensive side of their game. Kerry get away with fouling high up the pitch and get bodies behind the ball.