2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


I just want to get this year out of the way and do the five after that I can live with this rivarly. But Kerry look good, that performance from them looked like our 2010 where we went beast mode for that match, mdma determination in the last few minutes gave me hope that we where going into something great.


That’s the system though. We win our one to ones enough to win the game. It becomes a problem though if the one to ones become 50/50.

That’s what Mayo nearly managed on us, and what Kerry are aiming for.


It’s Russian Roulette stuff because teams will score goals against us this year


With agree with that but Dublin and Kerry have only met at underage twice in last 20+ years. Dublin beat them at minor in 2001 and 2012. They will be strongly motivated to stop us making history.


I think we all feel that way. If that was a summer game, we’d flatten them. There was no tactical approach from our end. Its was more like a hard training session where you put yourself in uncomfortable places. I reckon Kerry don’t have the physicality yet and this will be apparent in the super 8s. But certainly they’re on the right track and should be touted as favourites for sam. We just had a few lucky years.


Think so also. We don’t have room in the calendar for two dysfunctional competitions. One proper comoetition with lots of games between equally matched sides please.


Home and away, it’d be class.


Went to hell when Morag left.


It’s been that for a few years though. I don’t think it’s quite Russian Roulette though, I think they make adjustments accordingly for the better teams. But they are subtle.


They have been saying we are prone to a high ball for years now. Nobody has exploited it in the Championship to the extent they beat us though.


Snap. There’d be neutrals queuing up for it.

Even when Dublin rolled into Omagh there was some atmosphere.


Question is, how many evenly matched sides are there to have lots of games?


It’s low percentages though. If you do it 10 times you might get 2 goals. You might have got six points in the meantime though.

The mark will change that though. If it comes in, it will effect our style…


I mean both in one-off games like last night where they went man to man with pace (and they played a good fast game, well) and in general terms where defenders don’t seem to be coming through as readily as forwards.

Howard looks the real deal but I hope he doesn’t become another Cullen, where he is used across every line as required but to his detriment.


Going down to Killarney in the height of Summer with a chance to put them out. Oh yes


Seriously though would we not need to get ourselves a ground for this to happen?


If they bring the mark in for championship we’ll keep Flynn playing till he’s 40.


There no problem with Kerry physicality especially the new lads. Kerry play the poor mouth on this but all them young have been on strength&conditioning programs for years. Their recent minor teams have produced plenty of physical footballers.


Well you will always get some hidings but in that format there’d Always be a few good matches each weekend. Other counties could aspire to qualify, god bing everyone something tangible to play for.


Not to worry. We’ll rent you Healy Park.

Extra cash if you want full width of the pitch.