2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


Watched it a few times and it’s an unbelievable score. Real lift it gave the rest too. Just a pity Paddy hit the post, Fento wasted a ball and had a pot shot miss either side of his own great point. Easily could have sneaked it. But again, Winter football and let the animals have their weekend in the sun/rain.


Ahead of who ?


Hammering’s in Gaelic Football are normal. However, by putting Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone, Monaghan and Galway in home and away scenarios I think you would get a far better spectacle than Dublin playing Carlow and Longford and Kerry playing Waterford and Limerick. To say the quality of the league is just a function of fitness or strength is speculative imo. It’s been the best competition in football for quite some time now.


Seeps away in a routine of disappointment.


Jesus, don’t pull your punches.


But enough about Liverpool…


And our sex lives.



But is the super 8s not doing pretty much that? I think the league is great but it does irritate me a bit that most teams seem more worried about avoiding relegation than actually winning it. I would love to see a league with tem at full pelt.


Dean Rock taken off again.


The game ended yesterday TL.




That’s loser talk.


Ha good response :joy:


I think the Super 8’s is a half way house between where the championship was and where it ultimately will end up. When the league is properly tied into the All Ireland Championships it will be taken more seriously.


very little tinkering required, the obvious is staring them in the face- championship in the spring and league in the summer when ground is dry and teams are fit.


I seen enough last night that, unlike the last 2/3 years, Kerry are a threat this year. They remind me of Dublin back in 2010/2011. Their new lads are used to beating Dublin so we won’t have that mental edge over them- similar to when COS/JMC/McMahon/ROC came on the scene 10 years ago they never gave the Kerry jersey too much respect. Tom O’Sullivan looks like he could be a footballer for the ages and that big lad wearing number 20 last night looks very good too. Throw in Clifford, Walsh and O’Donohue and they’ll be tough opposition for anyone.

Dublin are still deserved favourites for the AI in my eyes but the gap is certainly closing. If Cluxton doesn’t regain fitness the gap will be closer again.


Thing with the Super 8s is you have 2 groups of 4…with maybe one side easier than the other.

Basically the team not in the Dublin group.

And the reason teams don’t go full pelt in the League now is because it’s too early in the year.

But you put all 8 teams in one group in summer…and it’ll be harder fought.

Maybe no format will improve the quality. But I’d love to see Dublin, Kerry and Mayo slug it out in August when it really mattered.


Would have to agree. Maybe not this year, but looks like we could have a real rivalry. In reality, our team is getting younger. Con, Scully and Murchan are a revelation. I expect Comerford and Gavin will be the same. We’ve others as well like Paddy Small who look up to it. I think kerry and Dublin will be the two teams to watch over the coming years. This could be another golden age, at least from a dub-kerry perspective.


We’re looking exposed at the back.