2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


Excellent point. I also would be very confident that if Kerry arrived with that game plan to Croker in the Summer they would not win the game. However I suspect Keane also knows that.


Thing that struck me was the height of Jack McCaffrey.

When he came on, he said some to James Mc and only looked a bit smaller.

Maybe it was the camera angle.

Always assumed he was smaller – maybe it’s the baby face.


Gavin needs a wee bit of muscle to give him that extra bit of power has a real enda Muldoon physique like an octopus all arms and legs. Still he done well last night. And the policy of adding a few new faces to the panel every year is a good one.

Where is David Byrne?


Just watched match again. As mentioned above, our tactics were wrong, but probably won’t be, come the summer. We were missing lots of players and trying a few lads out. My only fear would be a lack of mental energy and freshness in some of our big guns. You don’t miss the water til the well runs dry. We had to win 29 matches to win four in a row. From 1978 to 1982, Kerry had to win 12 games to win four in a row. Even in hurling, KK had an easier route to four in a row. If we are to win the five in a row, we may need other players to put in special performances in the championship. The threats we pose may need to come from younger players.


you don’t use capital letters anymore for the seasons dub09 :wink: a nine year old told me that the other day and she was right.


You use them other times though!:wink::wink::joy:


Nothing is sacred any more!!! :frowning: :joy:

Ask her what about the days of the week.


Where is David Byrne indeed? It’s strange he is missing, but even stranger that it has happened with barely a comment anywhere.


I don’t think Gavin will fill out particularly. He will add a bit of muscle, but he will always be a bit rangy and gangly I think. But he may well be the archetype Gavin (Jim) midfielder - he seems to want them carrying the least amount of body mass possible at midfield (I say this because over the years Dublin have had options of big strong midfielders and he never really looked at them). I do think Darren Gavin will be on the team come summer. The evidence is that they are giving him every chance to make it anyway.

But that team needs Connolly and probably Costello in the forwards. You have to raise the percentages on the shot from distances against the better teams, and they are our main options there.


Back with club , seen him in a challenge for Olaf’s v ‘Boden recently . As far as I’m aware her been injured.


Wouldn’t get too carried away about the result as mentioned above,backs are a problem but will be tighter come summer time.Game went in phases I thought,good spells for both sides but more good spells for Kerry which ultimately led to them getting the better of us and deservedly so. Kerry impressed me especially with the winning point,patient build up and went for it at the right moment.Ive always thought if you ran at us you cause problems,Kerry did it in the league final in 2017 and they did last night,hard to do for 70+ minutes but that’s what’s needed to beat us

Great match as well hopefully this continues into the summer,bit of dampener at the end with the fight but not too sure what happened there

As for Maurice Deegan, I don’t think renditions of “Maurice Deegan your a w@nker” helped keep him on our side :joy:


Costello was fairly quiet up until a 5 minute burst near the end. Problem is he’ll long have got the curly finger by that stage during the summer.

To give him his due, the endeavor was there. But he needs to be taking his man on and scoring from early doors going forward.


Where does the time go?


I though pitch didn’t help Costello a.lot of slipping and it looked heavy. Would expect more of him during summer.


Seen him play for olafs in challenge v templeouge yesterday morning he is not missed very poor


Thought as well some our forward play at times was over elaborate. When a potential shot was on it was recycled back across. I miss the days when flynner and DC would boom boom them over from distance.

Still Howard’s side step. A thesis on this should be written.


Its some skill , and he doesnt telegraph it like Sean Cavanagh .


Ah definitely. I often got the curly finger myself on winter pitches. Geaney was quiet bar his 2 points too. Mannion the best of the inside men imo but in fits and starts. Just meant with Costello that he has to do it before the 65th minute or he’s under pressure.


Agree. I have high hopes for that lad and think he will make the team for the summer.


What was most impressive about Cormac was that he keep plugging away and the head never went down and got himself 2 late points - the one from play a beaut.