2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


Think the contact happened only just outside & Con tumbled inside the box so he might’ve just got that right. Close call.


Did you see the hash tag on his tweet. He’s not getting ahead of himself, just saying that under the current format it’s almost certain that kerry and Dublin cannot meet until the final. Does anyone here think the provincial system is working?


I think most people feel the League is a better competition


It clearly is: teams of similar standard playing regularly, championship is a joke.


I don’t have that Twitter thing!

But not sure if T O’Se meant it in the context of…

Last night was a great example of football (which it really was)…and it’s a pity the Championship format means it might be the Final before they can play each other again.

CW nailed it when he said the format is arse about face.

Imagine if we had the Provincials first…then followed by the league. You could just imagine the atmosphere if Dublin rolled into Kerry or Mayo in August.

One thing about T O’Se is that he knows about winning AIs. Cork used to celebrate beating Kerry in the league or Munster…only for Kerry to beat them in CP.


You’re right. Playing Kerry, Mayo, Dublin, Monaghan etc…is a hell of a lot harder than coming through Ulster.

Ulster says NO to the existing format.


Yeah first yellow was a joke second yellow correct. Deegan simply a bad ref. Though I though him been blind he might of just given us the penalty.


I understand folks saying the league is a better competition, but to make a fair comparison teams would have to be 100%. There are a lot of factors that make the league a level playing field. I mean how many of the starting last night would deffo start in champo. I firmly believe we would be on 6 points now if Gavin prioritized points.


Lots of moans and groans here.

But for us neutrals…that was the best game of football this year or the entire last year. And that includes the AI Final.

And Dublin know they’ve plenty of room for improvement.

Meanwhile…here’s hoping Tyrone can muster more than 4 pts from play today.


No hoping here! :wink:


But at least the league format guarantees you’re playing teams of the highest standard.

In 2017…Tyrone didn’t play a single team outside of Ulster until that fateful semi with Dublin.


I think a lot of people are getting carried away with themselves after what was effectively one decent game. Two years ago the fixture was a horrible spectacle. Kerry played very defensively so far until last night and we have seen some pretty poor games in it too so far with plenty of overly defensive football.

The League is what it is. Some bother - some don’t.

A lot of football’s ills are down to attitude and negative coaching. That really doesn’t change from one competition from the next. Tiered championships may be a good idea but let’s face it, even 16 teams participating would see a fair few hidings dished out.

The other thing I would like to see is a timeframe for this. It sounds to me like any format along those mooted would see IC players peaking for 8/9 months. And where would the club games go?

If last night’s game finished 8-8 and both teams thumped the heads off each other it’d be all doom and gloom. Thankfully both managements and players had the right attitude to the game. Not so two years ago.

So Kerry & Dublin play a belter and best of all Kerry win and everybody (especially non Dublin people) get very excited and think the answers are simple. Watch Galway today … and come back down to earth.


Lots of sense being spoken there by my learned Glasnevin colleague m’lud.


Fair point. And I include myself in that (getting carried away).

But then maybe it still tells us something about the lack of quality or entertainment from last season.

I guess no matter what format you have, you still need enough quality sides left after July.


Even take the Div 1 eight @Daller. Dublin destroyed Roscommon last year in the Super 8s. They hammmered Galway, beat Tyrone comfortably and God knows what they’d do to Cavan. We have also dished out C’ship trimmings to Monaghan - who are a good League team.

Truth is, tiered or not there aren’t many top C’ship sides out there.


No…you make a very valid point.

I guess the reason last night was so good is that both sides attacked - and they had the quality to execute it.

But yeah…there aren’t that many Div1 sides capable of that.

Hopefully Mayo can add to that…with maybe Monaghan and Tyrone making up a second tier.

I’m back to feeling glum. Any I’ve the Tyrone game coming up to make me feel even worse…


Learn’d PD…it’s pronounced learn’d.


Still no need to get worried yet. However we are in trouble defensively- it’s only the excellence of the forwards that is holding up the glaring weakness in the backs.

Conceding far too much at present. Be interesting to see what Jim does to shore it up because that didn’t work at all last night and only for Con, Jamsie and Mannion we’d have been well beaten.

It’s not going to be the procession it was last year. It’s not that other teams are getting markedly better but we slowly plateauing . Shouldn’t impact the five in a row. But we need everyone fit . Without Jack, Kilkenny and Fenton we are beatable.

If we got rid of the Provincial Structure we’d actually have a proper football competition with the best sides playing each other regularly. That was a belter of a game.


A doff of the cap to you Sir.


i would need to watch the game back but from first impressions i think deegan did get a g good few calls wrong last night and generally in kerry’s favour but i don’t think it was deliberate (and i admit i’ve mentioned before there are games where it seems the team behind is intentionally favoured). no , i’d say there was just too much going on for anyone to see in realtime and the sooner we get a 2nd ref and a tv on the sideline for replays the better. dont hold your breath.

re: fitzsimons, i missed the 1st yellow but in the 2nd one, crowley was trying to turn around and clock him so he grabbed a hold of him to stop him. that’d be acceptable in the district court. again the linesman who was beside it obviously didnt tell deegan this. that particular aspect is a bigger problem than the ref himself in many of the bigger incidents. the ref only has 2 eyes.

darren gavin does look the part for a jim gavin team and hopefully fills out like jamesie cos i’d worry for him in summer the way he is now. lots of time i know but i wouldn’t be looking forward to summer with him in mind just yet.

kerry’s defensive tactic looks to have switched to fronting their man all the time a la jonny cooper and relying on extra men in behind to sweep up if the first defender loses the race out for the pass in. dublin aren’t upto speed yet and so lost many of these sprints out for the ball in, resulting in a lot of turnovers. only just lost the race though which has to worry the kerry defenders who were as upto speed as they are going to be last night.

jamesie has always been a key man for us and fit and healthy, he’s worth his wait in gold. was very good last night even if he looked like he was half asleep and if he has a good season this year, as he normally does, that’ll be a big step towards the glorious 5th.

all in all, a great result for our lads last night and better than any win could be in feb. that’ll stick in the craw for later in the year and we clearly have the beating of them (someone give paddy andrews a kick in the hole). should really have scraped a draw but i’m glad we didn’t and i’d say jg is too. there were adjustments that could have been made last night to win the game, especially on the kick-out strategy, and they weren’t made. i think it was deliberate as things are being tried out and i think jim just decided to stick with them, win or lose.