2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


We will see who will be celebrating come August / September.


Sorry boys…but it had to end sometime.

Edit: in response to SwordsJoe wondering who was going to be celebrating in August!!


Shows a naivety in a young kerry side to celebrate in that way. The cuter Kerry whores of the past wouldn’t have openly shown their delight like that, and I think that would have been more effective. All they’ve done is poked the bear with that sort of stuff, they’ll be sorry in the summer if the draw is unkind to them and they come into croke Park against Dublin, I fully believe that.

What a game it was by the way. Personally I’m delighted to see the open helter skelter football that’s been missing the past while.


Enjoyable day out. Kerry had much the better of it for long periods. Kicked some good distance scores and would be happy up to about 50 mins.

We were poor at getting ball inside and gave up far too many turnovers due to poor passes and wrong options. We had the winning of the game in the full forward line but couldnt get the ball in.

Its pretty clear Dublin are not yet at full speed. Clucko Cian Philly and Kilkenny are big players missing and Jack and McCarthy are only getting up to speed.

The home teams finish to the game would worry them more than than us at this stage imo. They faded badly against an under strength opposition with a man down.

Deegan wore a Kerry jersey today. Sending off a joke and gifted them frees in the 2nd half when they were under pressure.


Fixed that for you @upthedall


Just got that!

I heard CW say the next time Kerry could meet Dublin is in the AI Final…as they’re on separate sides of the draw.

Is that right…or I guess he means if they both win their provincials?


After watching that game last night I slept like a log…great game of football with a multitude of great scores and experience for some of the less so on the panel…as our learned friend @DUB09 has pointed out the majority of the panel are barely back training along with 2 major components not playing as of yet…kerry at a level of fitness far ahead of ours and only down Clifford as imo J O’D injuries have taken their toll and he won’t see much playing time with them…way ahead in fitness terms and played the last 12 mins a man down were hanging on…the room for improvement in our lads far exceeds what anyone else will do…

HOWEVER I really am beginning to dread when Steven hangs up the boots…luckily it won’t be this year.

Chin up lads it’s Feb and other teams chink of light is we’ve lost 2 games whilst nowhere near our fittest or strongest panel and Jim has already said he’s no interest in the league with the rules as is…OH WHAT A TIME TO BE A DUB


No it’s all over . It was good while it lasted . Kerry are back and Peter Keane is a genius . A 1 point win at home over the 14 man oul lads of dublin proves it. JG panicked putting McCarthy at FB when Tommy Walsh came on. And as for the melee at the end sure if things were right in the Dublin camp they wouldn’t be starting scraps. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: Actually I forgot you’re right the normal order has been resumed :sunglasses::joy:


Victory parade in Tralee at 3 today.


On another note. Nights like last night are the template for championship. Place sold out, people getting in long before throw in, sense of anticipitation, and raw partizan atmosphere.

Its clear now the league is far better than championship. Competitive, home and away in smaller venues.

Time to tier it off and let the league filter the All Ireland Series. You might just get the excitment back into it instead if large empty stadiums.


Fitz’s first yellow was when young Moynihan slipped in to him? Even if it was for accumulative fouls, it wasn’t even a free. Deegan messed up there.

As Alan says the second was probably a card. He had Crowley in a head lock, albeit defending himself from whatever Crowley was trying to do. After Fitz gets the line, Crowley foot trips Cormac in the corner. Free in, no card. Then Crowley pops up and scores the winner.


I d have to look back at that first yellow but grand I ll take your word.


Tomas OSe tweeting its a pity we can’t meet to the final :joy:. Talk about getting ahead of yourself after beating us in February.


Yeah watching it back now. 56th minute. Dreadfully poor decisions from an alleged top referee.


Matches are competive in the league because teams are not at full strenght or fitness some of the same fixtures in the summer would be hammerings.


As a spectacle, this was good end to end stuff. In particular kerry impressed with their directness, speed and the quality of their shooting. We got dispossessed a lot which is unusual and down to the pressure kerry put us under. I think kerry played us at our own game and you have to give them credit for that.

Having said that, they did get the better of the ref decisions and we could have won the game if our shooting was a bit better, despite not playing that well. Unusually our defence was poor with kerry scoring almost every time they came forward. I think kerry had 1-15 by the 50th minute. When was the last time we conceded that much so quickly? Despite that, I thought Con looked great, Gavin is a Fenton prototype and we’re blooding plenty of new players. There will also be some hype around this kerry team which Jim will relish. In the end, this was probably a good result and you can be sure that lessons were learnt.


Considering how they got chewed up & spat out in the Super 8’s last year, there’s some serious presumptions being made in there. All provided that;

A) we both win our provinces (granted, the likely outcome in Leinster, near guaranteed outcome for them).

B) we both top our Qtr-Final groups, thus ensuring we avoid each other in a semi-final.

Penny for the thoughts from @mayoman, @greenred or @upthedall on that tweet.


I’m fairly sure that Con should of had a penalty, but Deegan bottled it. He looked well inside the box.


I’m not one to usually question out tactics, but how come Comerford never went long last night? One of the best fielder’s of a ball of all time out around the middle, and would have been nice to see Gavin involved in that area too.

On Kerry, theyve a serious work rate and intensity. But like Mayo over the years against us, they gassed out and it almost cost them. It will be even harder for them in Croker. Don’t think they’re lethal inside, although Geaney will improve. Further positives is theyve Clifford, the bauld McCarthy, the Crokes contingent to come back plus a few defenders like Young and Foley.