2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


You’d probably be the same if you were a Kerry fan.

Easy to get caught up in the emotion.

But take it as a compliment.

Shows how much it means to Kerry to finally get a win.


Well yis certainly made plenty of noise from the way it came across on tv. Fair play to one and all of the blue & navy army.


Another thing that caught the eye, think it was Mannion winning a mark for catching a ball 2 inches off the ground😂


There was a clear one in the 1st half as well out near the line. Foot trip clear as day. Inconsistency is infuriating!


Only for McStay to ask “should that really be a mark? It’s not like as if it was a great piece of high fielding”.


After attendance figures were down last year…the GAA couldn’t have hoped for a better start to 2019.

They need Dublin, Kerry and Mayo. And so do us neutrals.

I’m with CW on this. Have the Provincials first…then the league. Brilliant display from both sides.


The got a win less than two years ago. In a National final


Most disappointing aspect of the night for me was the winning point, they really cut us open and pointed at ease


It’s a young team under a new manager.

You can’t blame their fans for getting carried away by the performance as much as anything else.

As fans we all love to feel our team is going in the right direction.


james o’donoghue didn’t play tonight, am i right?


Agree with you, our fans were a bit like that when we got a couple of narrow wins over them in the league at the start of the decade. They see a new dawn and it’s a giddy time for them.


And fcuk all use that win was to them, when they got hockeyed out of the AI Champo 5 months later.


Thought we were very slow in buliding play up for alot of the game ,kerry were very direct and nearly every attack they had lead to a score .When we went down to 14 we actually played our best football and with abit of luck could have sneaked a draw.Coen/galvin kicked a nice point ,needs filling out though !!!


In fairness I think the older Kerry fans know this is only a game in Feb.

Albeit a very good performance from a young squad.

But as someone else said…Croke Park in Summer against the Dubs is a different thing altogether.


True, but twice in three years is a bit of a habit, and this one gives alot of their young lads a belief in beating us. Whatever about summer we need to pick up our performances now and not let this become a slide. No reason why we shouldn’t but the backs are a worry


We’ve all said our narrow wins over them back then we’re stepping stones. We’ve got to stop that train in its tracks now


Correct, sir. Not on the bench either.


I think the backs were always likely to encounter choppy waters this season. We need to widen our options and the multiple axis that has been Cluxton-Philly-COS-Cooper-Fitz, which has been a solid forcefield back there, was always likely to have issues at various stages in the league when some of them were put to one side.


It takes balls to try and outshoot the Dubs.

I’m surprised Kerry tried it as they seemed to be working on their defence first.

But Dublin were always going to find this season hard. Trying for 5 in a row is a super human effort.

Still. I think there’s more room for improvement from dublin than their rivals.

And there’ll be no element of surprise next time you meet them. Jim G will make sure of that.


We are back about five weeks from the post 4 in a row term and a Bahamas holiday. We have no Kilkenny (our focal point) and no Cluxton (our soul). We have blooded a potential gem in Gavin and have more than competed with teams much further down the road who have thrown their all at us. And it’s only February.

I’d say Jim is sleeping like a baby tonight.