2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


At final whistle one of the Dublin lads went to shake a Kerry players hand and Kerry lad punched him ( couldn’t see who it was and then all hell broke loose).
Kerry fans then booing the Dublin team as they walked off and celebrating like they won the All Ireland , left a sour taste ,
Hope we get them in championship .


I heard that the guy getting off the bus earlier was Dermo disguised as Jayo. Ingenuous.


Yes, that’s what we saw , sitting in the stand.
Chatting to very nice Kerry people for a couple of hours before and during the game I couldn’t believe the lack of sportsmanship at the end , booing off the Dublin team, the lads were escorted off like they were the instigators and the Kerry boys got to stay on the pitch and lap up the adulation


All fuel …


Their not called fucking animals for nothing .

Or eagle poisoners .


Not going to comment on the match itself, but I don’t think I ever remember a match where the commentary team commented so many times on soft frees, harsh cards and over carrying as tonight and almost all the decisions commented favoured one team and many resulted in scores, it was their opinion not mine and really surprised me.


And not just commenting on them but commenting on how we were being hard done by. I can’t ever remember McStay being that much on our side.


Or seal clubbers.




Did we actually outnumber the local yocals ???


No, definitely not from where we were , the stand was almost full at 5.15 when we got there . Nearly all locals .


He wasnt, he made excuses for most of them, even said some of the over carrying was inevitable due to Kerrys speed and the ref decided it was only fair not to blow.


Kind of odd really explaining to the kids that you should behave like that in victory or defeat .
I’d be feckin’ mortified if I saw our supporters carry on like that. Grown adults


Paidi called them right


Awful passing inside all night, lot of really poor simple passes that gave the lads no chance.


It’s reported that the first yellow was for persistent fouling. The foul itself does not have to be a bookable infraction.


Gotcha. But I’d argue Mick Fitz didn’t foul at all in the attack which Deegan deemed being one foul too many. Might have to see it again to be sure.


But it does have to be a foul😂


I think he caught a Kerry player ( o Brien I think) in the face with his hand . Not dirty or malicious just clumsy. I think it was a justified yellow.


There was a potential black card in the second half but we took a quick free and no card was shown.

Refs also need to get better on steps.