2019 NFL Round 3: Kerry v Dublin,Tralee - 09/02/19, 7pm RTE2/Eir


They still have to play both Mayo and Kerry


Have to say, i thought Kerry were excellent. There running, work rate, accuracy and pressure were good all night. Early days yet, but they look like they have the making of a very good team.

On the plus side, i thought young Gavin put in a great performance and is a real prospect.


Yeah but what a yellow. Even Marc O Sé, in fairness, accepts that the foul where Mick Fitz picked up his 1st yellow wasn’t even a free in to Kerry.


I’m not buying the supposed psychological advantage gained by Kerry tonight. That sentiment would be fair enough if they beat us with a bit to spare but the fact of the matter is we nearly drew a game where we performed poorly for long spells.


Yes they were either in the pondorous passing around mode or switched to delivering really bad direct ball in which Kerry won easily.
There is a middle ground.


It’ll count for nothing.

You don’t win 4 AIs unless you’re mentallly hard as nails.

In the last 10 mins…Dublin looked like the home team with an extra man.

The Dubs have plenty of room for improvement. Not sure Kerry will play better than that.


Fair enough but you could argue the same in reverse about the games we beat them by a point in Killarney and Croker in 2010 and 11


Yup. We ratttled them in the last 10mins even though they had a one man advantage. Championship will be a different beast. Kerry and their cheerleaders in the media would do well not to count their chickens


Smashing quality at this time of year. Kerry fans will enjoy that, but won’t make the mistake of thinking it has any relevance come the latter stages of championship. A loss would have been a psychological blow for a young Kerry team. For Dublin it’s a minor irritant that will be mined for its learning value and then discarded.


Tomas and Whelo making far too much of the psychological advantage that a win brings to Kerry. If they couldnt beat us half baked with half a team they may as well stay in Kerry for the rest of year. Would love us to get them in the league final. See how good they are then.
Canning is a fooking gobshite. Does he know what hes looking at. Drives me nuts.


Don’t think so. He’s shocking.


Think tonight (and Clones) showed how hard it is to get back to match winning levels of fitness & maintain them, when we are only a month back from the team holiday.

Last year, we beat Donegal, Kildare & Tyrone in our first 3 games back. But Monaghan & Kerry away, is a different kettle of fish to playing Donegal & Kildare at home. 2018 was also the first year to go on the team holiday in January & for the entire squad to miss the O’Byrne Cup, but it didn’t seem to affect us adversely. Maybe we took for granted how easy & quick it would be to get back into the swings of things, when really, it isn’t.


Still a win is a win and good for the soul. That win will do that young team the world of good.


Canning would drive you to drink and drugs. A dopey ■■■■ can’t wait for him to retire


Tonight showed we need attitude change - not rules.


We started late in 2017 also but scraped a couple of draws against Tyrone and Kerry , games we might have lost. The other factor is that everything finished up for us in early September last year so it would be naturally a bit longer to get back to full pitch 4 months later

Anyway wr’ll have two weeks more training done heading into the Mayo game do should be a good tussle and no more excuses from then on


They didn’t have Clifford mind you.


Better to keep our powder dry, I think. Plenty of Super 8 / AII Championship knock-out ground to cover with the fat truly in the fire.


Yes thank God for that.


We have had defeats in the league in Gavin’s time, we also had draws and wins that could well have been defeats. A few points either way can totally change the look of things. Two more points tonight and that becomes a great win (in some eyes).

There is no great difference in this year and any other year. In a way I am surprised they are going so well so early.

I think we have issues, we aren’t a complete team. I don’t think we were last year either. But if we get two or three players out of the league we will be there or there abouts.