2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


Dunno. I’ve no clue of the pecking order but these league games would be the games that the likes of Kev Mc & EOG would be hoping to use to springboard their way into Gavin’s thoughts for summer or at least help keep them in the frame. The likes of these lads, Philly, MDMA… they’ll be even more aware than we are of how Gavin can transition players in without us almost noticing (Small, Con, Scully, Howard all look like they’ve been there for years already). All great of course, unless you’re the one having been transitioned from key component to squad member!


On another note… Just checked my account and my attendance has been registered already!!


Good to see Costello put in a good shift . Was a bit disappointed Bulger didn’t try to go for more shots yesterday. He was given plenty of opportunities but seemed hesitant taking them.Lowdnes excellent , gets the job done without any fuss . Thought Flynner was trying too hard yesterday when he came on. Taking speculative shots . Had to laugh when Murchan was marking Thomas Flynn , not a bother to him.


I wouldn’t write Paul Flynn off just yet, it’s a long year now with Super 8s, if he can stay in the squad and stay fit/get sharper his shooting boots will come back, you don’t lose that with age, it’s a fitness/balance thing.

On the attendance RTE website says 14,500, though they aren’t always accurate with other stats.
I’d be sad if Bernard doesn’t get on the field at some stage, I know it won’t be for sentiment sake if/when he does.


Would like to think so. He hit a sweet one v Monaghan early doors so he still very much has it in him. I mean, contrary to someone indicating above, we’re not in MDMA ducking-behind-the-sofa territory when he lines one up :see_no_evil:

Himself & DC landing point-bombs from the wings is still one of the golden memories we’ll take from this decade.


That’s more like it especially in the 2nd half. Difficult to gauge how much abysmal Galway effort after the break influenced the winning margin.
We significantly increased our intensity at the back and hats off to Cooper and Lowndes for excellent displays. Some of the blocks esp 1 in each half were fantastic. Also we were not exposed to the high ball into the fb line as there were plenty of bodies waiting for the breakdown.
Fenton sublime again and Howard is shaping up to be something similar. What’s in the water in D5??
Mannion and Costello are nearly unmarkable when on their game with power pace and no little skill on the ball and when shooting. Dean also had a great game linking well with the other forwards. Could Paul have squared the ball soccer style to JC who would have been in on goal??
Honourable mention for the new guys who performed well and the experience will do them the world of good.
Be interesting to see if they figure next Saturday night or will a few new lads get a run or even Mullaly an O Connor.
Roll on Tralee!


They were wonderful . Think Flynner peaked in 2014 imo . Injuries have poxed him since . Would love a fully fit , in form Paul . Amazing player .


Mannion is so good, but if he could just sort out his solo, he could be the best in the country. He would be faster (as it is, he is running slower then he can, because he is waiting on the ball) and he would turnover less ball. It only needs a technical tweak, but it needs to be worked on. While I am it, criticizing one of the best players in the country, his fiat passing is strange too. He uses his whole arm and actually swivels his body, when a flick of the wrist is enough. He always leaves the receiving player with work to do. Other then that, he’s doing ok :grinning:


I think you over exaggerate his solo. Just looking at TG4 there and his solo looks fine to me.


90% of the time it’s fine. But it’s technically a bit flawed, so once he gets under pressure he drops it. He turned over one ball yesterday by mis-controlling one that wasn’t even under any particular pressure. It’s coming too much off his laces I think and he’s not getting that bit of spin on the ball that pulls it into the body. It’s not a big deal, but I think if it would add a bit to his game if tidied up.


Other then Gavin, who was only on for a few minutes, was anyone else involved playing Sigerson?

If there wasn’t it might explain the absence of some guys I was expecting to get a run.


Brian Howard played for DIT v UCD.


I was believing all of that post until this bit, a fiat never passed anything in its life!


There goes that theory!


Was only 1 thing worse than the cold and freezing my nats off… 70 mins of watching Galway… they are just awful

Don’t know where we are yet, players still to come back etc.

Our 2 main competitors, IMO, are off to flyers and very much taking the league seriously! Tis a long road to Sept 1st boiss


We have a mark to encourage the art of fielding. Fento soared into the night sky three times yesterday evening coming down with the ball in an exhibition of fielding not seen in Croker for a long long time.

TG4 showed none earlier. League Sunday showed one … without much comment.


mannion kicking a point from distance is one of the finest sights in the game at the minute.
i remember everyone getting frustrated waiting on dc to finally turn it on even upto early 2011 where he was on the verge of being dropped. then came the tyrone game. i’m really hopeful the same force is at play with cormac and that the floodgates are now officially opened :fireworks:


Costello issue is staying free from injury .


I thought Fitzsimons was excellent. I believe he lost one of his grand parents before the game.

Is younger Basquel injured?


Can’t imagine any player, especially one as experienced as Bernard, would put themselves through the heavy work of pre season just to retire when the championship comes around.