2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


I would worry about the size of Parnell, I don’t think it suits our game. It’s appreciably narrower and shorter.


England match might have had something to do with the crowd?


Folks on a side note…will there be tickets floating in killarney/tralee…need another 2…


Yup and it was fucking baltic out too :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


It’s always Baltic in Croker in February. Never stopped 20/30,000 odd showing up to games before. Would say the rugger was the biggest factor in the low attendance…and that it was Galway. Mayo, Kerry & Tyrone would probably draw a bigger crowd.


The small crowd made it much easier to get a quick pint at half time. Every cloud…


It’s impossible to know with Jim. Last year he started all the Leinster games but only got to start the Roscommon Super 8 game after that. I think he is very solid and has been unlucky. Given the situation with Philly and Mick Fitz form I think there is a place for him and his 2 outings to date have been excellent. Alas for him, I don’t pick the team.


While thats true - its normally not a status yellow warning for low temps in place.

That and the rugby would have kept some away


Ah the rugby bubble is burst now . The country can now get on with the rest of it’s life now

So I’d expect attendances to increase over the coming weeks. Galway are a pox on the game and an eyesore so not sure people will pay to watch them playing.

If anything if the lads in the Joy were watching Galway play - they’d ask to be put back in their cells.


It was a good win. Finally Cormac put a good one together. As you say there will be a huge exodus at the year end and this is a vision of the future. I’d still prefer to see Howard at 6.

Still some top class footballers and a lot of very good ones but the playing field is levelling.

No sign of Bernard yet - wonder will he retire before the championship. Has to be on the cards Id say.


Did the same at half time ,it actually felt colder sitting back in my seat in second half !!


I don’t think it was just the one thing to be honest on the low attendance. I think you can take the pick of any of the following

  1. Bitter cold
  2. Egg chasing against England
  3. Dublin were always going to win
  4. Galway are muck and hard to watch and still played with 13 behind the ball when getting hammered.
  5. It was live on the telly
  6. Ticket prices

And I’d say the attendance would have been even less if people didn’t need to get their season ticket attendance up :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀


PM sent


Yep, all of those, if you want to watch both easier to watch at home.


Add in the fact that Galway had no support. The joint whingiest county (with Donegal) about the Dubs playing in Croker yet they have sh1t support. I don’t expect thousands to travel to Dublin on a Saturday night but there are thousands of them living here and if it was their hurlers they’d have had far more support. Wait til we see how many Mayo bring.

We slag Mayo a good bit here but you can’t fault their support (look at last Saturday night in horrendous conditions) and their lack of whining about playing in Croker is also admirable.


Good to know. Has always caught the eye when he’s got game time. Have high hopes for him personally.


Great support to be fair, only one serious code helps though.


The Kilkenny of Football of you will minus the AI wins of course


If we get three home wins this afternoon we’ll probably go back top!!!


Thought Lowndes was MOTM, he kept Shane Walsh out of the game and was well involved with our best attacking play. One of his best games for us.