2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


Yep take it out on our future stars…that was me and my brother and my friends at the corn na caisce all them years ago.:fearful:


All the more reason for a new stadium …20 /30 k


I wonder if any of those that begrudge us playing in croker would like to see their own counties play their home games in front of a crowd that takes up less than 20% of capacity


Fair play to Cormac who got MotM but what a performance from Jonny. The guy was everywhere. In the first half we were loose defensively but he gave little away. In the second half he came into his own. His reading of the play and consequent interceptions and tackles were brilliant and he was most regularly the deep support runner in the second half. When Mannion broke soccer style who was making the sprint down the centre? JC. The man has become the beating heart of this team … he may even have silenced his critics here!! If we are to do the unmentionable this year JC will be the key.


He was very good, and I was surprised at the MOTM award too, he had a very poor opening 15/20 mins. His last 50 were very good though!

Thought Jonny and Dean were the stand-out players tonight. Hat tips to the Raheny Brians too, the latter made 3 or 4 exceptional passes in his 20 minute cameo. He could possibly overtake the Connolly role this year, he certainly has the tools, without the madness! The off the ball stuff with Jonny though could get him in trouble this year, along with other members of the panel. The “independent officials” will be on the look out for this carry on.


Bet you watched the game though


Agree with all of that, Cooper was superb in the second half.


Do you think Lowndes will be a regular in the starting 15 come championship time?


Not sure…who do you think will finish 5th in the Azerbaijani first division ground ball this year?


:roll_eyes: Don’t know much about Azeri football outside of Qarabag FK


Certain symmetry with the Dubs , their success is just as much despised as ours .


Its only the league and all that but a marked improvement from last week. As mentioned above Cooper was immense. He looked like a man on a mission. He, and the rest of the defence, were poor last week, and it looked to me like he was determined to not let that happen again. Can’t ever remember him having a couple of poor games in a row.

I almost think we have got to the stage where some people are taking for granted what Fenton does. His high fielding was on another planet. His game sense is brilliant and he’s one of the best footpassers around. This guy will be used as the role model for midfielders all around the country for generations to come.

One thing that’s already become clear to me this year is that regardless of the outcome of the year, its the last year in the squad for a number of players. I can really see a mass exodus at the end of they year. I think this will be Flynn’s last year involved and even at that I can’t see much involvement at the business end of the championship for him. 4/5 years ago whenever he got the ball 25/30 metres from goal you knew it was going over the bar, now when he’s got the ball there you’re almost willing him not to shoot.

I felt there was a subtle changing of the guard yesterday. Debuts for Bugler, Flatman and Gavin, in place of the likes of Daly, MDMA and Andrews/EOG/Kev Mc. None of those 3 even made the panel the week before, but they all got put in this week, with none of the more experienced 5 seeing game time. Come the super 8s etc this may change and we may see experience come back in to the fold. Nevertheless I found it interesting seeing who did and didn’t play yesterday.

I feel like this is something I’ll mention every week, but these rule changes are just all wrong. I’m still yet to see the benefit of the kickout now being from the 21. The sideline rule is quite frankly bizarre and adds absolutely nothing to the game. And the offensive mark is just not adding to the game. Look how long between Scully catching the ball and scoring from his mark, close to 30 seconds I’d say. Unnecessarily slowing the game down.

On to Kerry we go.


I wonder what the craic is with Aaron Byrne and Glen O Reilly, both I thought would / should have been ahead in the pecking order of Bugler or Basquel.


Totally agree. Too many faffy technical rules leading to more stoppages do not add to the game as a spectacle.

Was thinking the same about the changing of the guard as well, but then there’s no point in throwing on those lads just yet, we know what they can do, may as well leave them for a tough game away in kerry if we’re in trouble.

Whats up with Paddy Small? Looked to be the next forward to push for a place last year.

Delighted for Cormac to play so well, hopefully he can nail a place down.


Bitter night. Defense excellent. JC the man and filling that captain’s role nicely. Will we have another reshuffle for next week?


Attendance 13,250.

Get Dublin back to Parnell !


Injured, out for a few weeks


Thats a pity, hopefully he’ll be back for the end of the league.


I thought Lowndes had a excellent game, had him picked myself for MOTM , he was everywhere.


Good call. Best i’ve seen him play to date.