2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


In watching the game in croker tonight


It was well hidden but Dublin were in TOTAL control of tonights game, and I don’t mean that they took over at half time. Thinking back I believe that almost every minute of the performance was well rehearsed and the best example of it was how at one point in the second Dublin decided that they would take full advantage of the forward “mark” in a way that they hadn’t bothered up to then.

Jim is moving things along nicely and still introducing the newbies, the future is bright.


He is the absolute double of pat gilroy when he played for the dubs


For the short time he was on I was impressed with Gavin, he wanted the ball and worked back and forward and was well aware of his surroundings at all time.


A very good display from us tonight, even though Galway were missing a lot we dominated them . First half was neck and neck but I always thought we were in control. Cormac was a bit slow to settle but when he did he was excellent, Rock also had a very good game. The defence overall were brilliant and I thought we had several man of match contenders tonight. Johnny was brilliant reads the game very well. Thought Flatman had a decent game. Noticed in second half on our kick out our forwards ran all the way back into the Galway twenty and forty yard line Galway defenders had to chace them back so couldnt push up on our kick out and this left space for Comerford to find his man. Fenton had a few spectacular catches . Very enjoyable game and much better than last week. Looking forward to Tralee next week.


Who’s the gent in the middle?


Agree looked comfortable and did the simple things was well aware of what to do and didnt look out of place.


Anton O’Toole


Would never have recognised him, thanks for the info. Had seen somewhere that he hadn’t been well. Good to see him out & about - and in good company.


Very enjoyable - second half especially. Decent enough crowd considering the other distractions and the fact that Galway brought nobody. Nothing to do with prices at all.

We had much better shape in the second half and played much more defensively which meant Galway came out of their half a bit more. Jonny was excellent (what a block) as was Eric again and it was great to see Jamesy play an hour. Fento’s fielding was simply majestic - a real joy to watch. Dean was great and Paul M is getting back to his best. Delighted for Cormac. A slow start as others have said but his confidence grew with each point which was great to see. Another good shift by Scully and some super passing from Brian H when he came on. But Galway are muck.


I was going to input my opinion, but you’ve pretty much done it for me, verbatim!

2 gripes:

  1. I was fckiun freezin’ tonight after a day out doors all day, so I’m probably going to get a bug ourra this!

  2. There were 3 young wans (in the mid 20’s maybe) who came in late, sitting right in front of us, all they did all game was talk shite and post pictures to instagram. They didn’t watch any of the game, didn’t even lift their head from the phone for the goal when it went in. Why? Just why? Even my 9 year old was calling them “saps”!


Ah Rochey, it must have been “One of those nights” as the Family who sit near me did their usual act of arriving late, leaving 5 minutes before Half-Time, back in a few minutes into the 2nd half, in and out a few times before departing early. Why the fúck these people bother going is beyond me.


Good to get that performance


Well I bet you dont share your chocolate eclairs!


They are never there long enough to finish one!


The grumpy umpire😆


Went to the stand once for a league game, kids running amok round the place like IKEA playland without the supervision, a school with no teachers. Great parents. They’ll tell their own kids what dedicated fans they were. Just do what you need to do to leave yer little fu…darlings at home.


How many footballs did the kids steal at the Canal end tonight? :grinning:


Any of you know what the official attendance was tonight?


14502 apparently