2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


Costello must have 4 or 5 at this stage


He has done very well. Poor enough opposition mind. But he looks very good. A run of injury free games could be the making of him as a starting forward.


Darren Gavin in.


Eric Lowndes MOTM. Paul Flynn should be banned from shooting.


This is great. Blooding lots of players with lads like Costello Mannion Lowndes stepping up . And winning !


Great defensive performance tonight. Will be interesting to see how they match up to the vaunted Kerry attack.


Better from Dublin. Costello excellent, only caveat i’d add is that he needs to try nail the early chances come the bigger games. Cooper also superb.

Not a fan of the offensive Mark at all.


I know they are a Galway based outfit but ffs.


Very good in the second half. Brilliant defending. Some great passages of beautiful football leading to sweet scores. Very positive outing.


Very sluggish in the 1st half but played much better in the 2nd. Very positive overall in the end


We warmed to the task there, notwithstanding Galway being short of key forwards.

Cooper sets the standard back there with his attitude. Does it so often, we probably take it for granted. Couple of really great fetches from Fento. Lowndes looked at home again. All roads now lead to ‘da kingdom’.

  • rubs hands *


Holy Jesus bitter as fùck :joy::joy:

Odd how it was never of benefit to us in the years between 95 and 2011 :thinking:


With that carry on we should demand a stadium of circa 30k is built in the city. We’ve funded the gaa enough with our ticket sales.


I’m glad Costello seems to be developing into less of a confidence player. He kept at it after a poor first 25 minutes to put in a MOTM performance. If that happened 2 - 3 years ago then his head would have been gone by half time.

Galway were woeful in the second half.


One sad sack in his ma’s box room, who cares what he thinks (even if he gives himself a stupid Twitter handle).

Anyway a 30k ground in Dublin would rival the children’s hospital for financial stupidity.

Tonight just shows how fickle the league is. Galway obviously couldn’t be arsed.


This .


Which club is he with?


Lucan Sarsfields. His father Fergal Gavin won AI medal with Galway in 98.


Good performance, although it did take them a while to settle. Overall it is hard to read too much into that game. Galway were very poor and don’t look like a team that are going to step up from their performances last year (I know they are missing some players, but so is everyone). Still good to get a win and it was nice to give some more lads game time.


Wanker. We’d hockey them if we played on a hillside in Tuam.