2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


There should be on Modbro.


At the moment there is, see how it works


I’m not the most techy, I see there is a fee modbro apps , I’m on iPhone ?


Think it is only android


None for iPad / iPhone bigp ?


Can anyone pm me a good link?


Both starting


Are the GAA getting a response to the increase in ticket prices this evening?

Could almost have played this in Parnell Park.


Even more interesting that they start. And Jack Mc as a sub who isn’t officially named as a sub.


Jim is certainly looking to the future


Galway got more than 500 fans at it?


Doubt it.


Two great scores from Costello


It’s taken him a while to get going.

He was poor for the first 25 mins.

Basquel very one sided and finding it hard to get shots off against a packed Galway defence.


Mixed the good with the bad in the first 35. To be expected with an unfamiliar starting 15.

Bugler getting on plenty of ball & latching on a point. CC worried me early on - everything seemed to going wrong on him - but grew into the game well. Flatman found himself very much on his ownio for the fluffed Galway goal opportunity.

Prematch, Gavin said he couldn’t give a flying fook about the offensive mark. Well, not using those exact words but when asked if they’d been working on it in training, he said “no”.


The Offensive Mark is an abomination.


ROFL. :rofl: :rofl:


Agree on Basquel. Need a right footer on that side coming off the loop.


Jack Flash is in the house. :racehorse:


That lad Mark, really gone out of the game.