2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


Ah @Stato82 … basically … fcuk off!!! :scream::joy::joy::joy:


I’d start Comerford again. It’s pointless playing a keeper for one game .If Jim sees him as number two he needs to stick to his guns.

In defence I’d leave as is and play Howard at 6. If we need him up front then we are in trouble.

At Midfield I woulldn’t start MDMA - he’s impact now.

Up front I’d start all of Mc Hugh, Costello and Collie Basquel. Time to deliver lads.


To be fair they played only once in the league stages in the Gavin era


That’s a high ratio of drawn games.


How we do in the replays ?


I don’t think he can change Comerford at this point. He’s played in championship games when Cluxton hasn’t been available.
I still think Comerford is the next in line myself. Have to be patient with goalkeepers . Cluxton after 2003 - didn’t look like the GOAT .



4 tickets available. Pm


Any team for tonight yet.Hope gavin changes his mind and plays the mark .I would like to see o gara mc hugh and Andrews up front tonight


As a gift to all those people who remind us every September that they “Go to EVERY game” I too have some free tickets for tonight. PM



Strong looking team. Hope we’re a bit better prepped for the mark today or Galway will make hay.


With the team they have named, I doubt it.


Good point.


Maybe we should take a straw poll?


Good to see Ryan Basquel rewarded for his cameo. Thought it would be at the expense of CC though, not Con. Slightly surprised to see such a strong back 6 named tbh.


Yeah, but I’ll bet your grannies left testicle that not all of that back 6 will actually start.


Con was out with UCD the other night?


Is this on the box at all?


What’s the craic with Jack Mc? Wait til ye see Number 24! :wink: