2019 NFL Round 2: Dublin v Galway - Saturday Feb 2 @ 7pm, Neutral


I believe his attitude has held him back too. He needs him to step this year. Similar to Bernard Brogan can kick off right and left foot from any angle.


Is that a compliment?


Considering what pat has done for us , its a YES


Totally ignoring the result and the details of the game I believe that they way Kerry celebrated tells us more than the result, and based on that I feel comfortable enough with how Dublin are presently.


Kerry didn’t expect to win at this early stage of the development of their team and their new, inexperienced coaching set-up. They didn’t expect a really top performance. They didn’t believe they could beat us without Clifford.

It’s quite understandable that they’re a bit euphoric as their squad and mgmt team have huge potential for improvement and development.


I think wen you beat your rivals its ok to celebrate, even if its a game of tiddleys. It was a fantastic match and I don’t blame the animals from celebrating. Though come summer could be a much different story.


A great wkend in the animal kingdom, but was a bit pissed off we didn’t come home with a least a draw, young gavin had a great game and has great potential , We do need beat mayo and win the rest of our games, but theres no reason we cant do that. Deegan certaintly didn’t do us any favours and had Mick Fitz stayed on im sure we’d have got the win, also fento would normally score points like that in his sleep so a large kick up the hole for him the next time I see him in anne’s park, I wouldn’t be panickin


You’ll be panicking if you give Fento a large kick up the hole*

  • see Bishop Len Brennan


Lose to Mayo and there might be a bit of panicking alright.


Agree, but theres absolutely no reason we should loose to them , sure their shite :hushed: , cant really say that here


Plenty have. But they’re fresh this year and we’ve lost two games so…


Al are you going say it? go on say it… I know you want to. This is your time. Conpla…


Never need to use that word during the league but when we’ve just lost to a Monaghan team that has been poor since, and a Kerry team that everyone here had more or less written off, why would we assume we can’t lose to Mayo? It beggars belief to me


Of course we can lose to mayo. Kerry will be challengers this year. But by no means a shoe in as the only challenge, Mayo/Tyrone/Monaghan would all pose serious questions of them in the summer.


Yeah we almost certainly can loose… but I’m not going to hit the panic button just yet.


I never said you were. I merely responded to somebody saying we couldn’t lose to Mayo. How does that in any way equate to anything to do with panic buttons?


You sound cranky this morning Al… Therefore I am hitting the panic button (know also as the irritAbLe button) to notify the Mods. This will set of a global change to all of your responses. We will get responses such as … Kerry me bollix, Mayo me bollix… ah sure we are only back etc. There will be no alternative view or debate. Ya can buy me a pint at the AI to say thanks! :+1::sunglasses:


You still owe me a pint so that’s two now. Let’s call it a flagon.
Im cranky because the revision is all a bit too smug. And because we need two points and then two more. Everyone wrote Roscommon off but look how they’ve gone so far this summer


Getting a bit ahead of yourself there. I saw their game v Mayo. It definitely wasn’t summer. (small s)


Mathematical… :smirk: :wink: