2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


yeah look we are two years down the road from then - might see the main lads rested throughout the league.

one positive this year is having Con for the league.


Indeed. I don’t want to come across as the doom and gloom merchant - much better people than me here for that job. :wink:

But it is worth thinking about. We have rightly lauded the ‘bolters’ over the last few seasons - Con, Scully and Howard, even Fenton to a degree. And there is a school of thought that once we introduce a couple every year that will keep it ticking over. But in reality the experienced bench cover is nearly done - BB, Flynner, Kev Mc and MDMA, Philly and Cian are in that role too or thereabouts. We still have a number of guys on the bench who will cover the finish of a game adequately but have not been able to break into the team consistently - Buttsy, Cormac, McHugh, Paddy A, etc.

It just strikes me that we could do with unearthing more than 1/2 options a season over the next 2/3.


The year in hand is all that matters. Win or lose this year it will be a watershed moment and several retirements may occur.


Exactly. I’ll accept what ever happens next year.


Looking again at the game I can see how the mark can totally change the game. The key won’t be to score anymore, it will be to get clean ball into the full forward line so they get the mark and score. And the main way to defend that is to do it in numbers.

Dublin will have two options really, the first is to use two sweepers to cover the area or to be so much of a threat themselves with the mark that the other team needs to keep loads of men back.

In O Callaghan and Mannion we have two guys who should be ideal for winning marks. If Connolly was on board he would be ideal for delivering the ball.



Regarding the likes of Daly you need a few lads who in soccer parlance are good journeymen. Do their job when asked and don t kick up a fuss about game time. We may yet get our bolter before the end of the league.


Kilkenny’s advanced role in the league last year was tailor made for the new mark rules. He may be slotted in there on his return if he makes the last few games.


Paddy Andrews is great at getting and staying out in front of his marker winning dirty ball beating them and scoring or passing to a team mate in a better position.
This is a valuable asset in the league especially when the ground is heavy and stronger slower defenders have an advantage and he could make hay with the new offensive mark rule.
Thought Cormac Costello was quiet on Sunday which was surprising as he was used sparingly last year if memory serves me certainly less than Paul Mannion and Con O Callaghan. To be fair to him maybe injuries have slowed his progress.
Ryan Basquel has impressed me in O Byrne Cup and then his cameo on Sunday with 2 nice points. Worth giving him a decent run in the league on his performances to date to see if he can be a championship squad option. Where’s Colm Basquel?


Paddy’s a great bit of stuff. Very much one of our unsung heroes over the years.

Agree r.e R Basquel. Great to see one of the unheralded lads take his chance. Can do no more than that


His two points were both excellent


In fairness I think that the game time the likes of O’Connor, McHugh and the younger Basquel got on Sunday could well turn out to be valuable to us by the end of the year. With the exception of one I think all of Monaghans subs have played championship football, which is all well and good when you want to secure 2 league points, but not so good for building some depth in the squad. Gavin will learn more about these young lads giving them a run in games like this than he would in hours of training.


The more you think of Monaghan this past few years…the more you appreciate what a job they’ve done.

As someone mentioned here before…the entire population of Monaghan couldn’t fill Croke Park.

They’ve retained their Div 1 status…consistent…hold their own in the Ulster c’ship…carry themselves well…and M O’R is a good ambassador for the team.

I’d want to them to win v Dublin (I support any Ulster side against non-Ulster teams!)…but they’re also an example to similar sized counties who blame resource and population for being terrible.

If MH goes…he’d be the fan’s favourite to replace him. And M O’R lives in Tyrone…a stone’s throw away from Garvaghey.


Monaghan utterly shame the likes of Kildare, Meath, Laois and others. Shame them. They’re the end of any whining argument about money and resources.


They just have a really good crop of players atm . When it’s in the melting pot, you take McManus out of that team come championship and I’d say it’s fair to say they havnt got the job done .
Will be interesting to see how they fare this year .


Yeah - it’s a good point and having a classy forward makes all the difference.

And Monaghan have good players through the spine of the team beginning with the keeper.

But to Alan’s point…that doesn’t explain the gulf between the likes of Meath, Kildare and Laois etc.

Im sure there’s a serious amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in Monaghan with orgnaisation, structures and volunteers.

As a neutral i used to enjoy the Meath / Dublin battles. That’s long gone. To blame it all on resources and money is too handy.


Monaghan have been knocking on the door for quite a while now. They ran Yerras very close in late 00s in qf in Croker and have regularly challenged in Ulster in this period winning a couple of Anglo Celt cups getting to AI qfs and semis.
Just haven’t been able to take a big scalp in Croker which is probably a mental issue now more than anything else.
Decent squad with some great footballers e.g. Beggan, Walsh, Wylies, Mone, Hughes, McCarron and McManus.
One of the smallest county populations yet they are top 6 and Division 1 for a long time now and certainly put bigger counties with more resources to shame.
Maybe the so called media experts who regularly wheel out the resources excuse for our success when they get writers block can answer that one!


Their keeper is better than Cluxton too!!!

In fairness to them I think they have been one of the early teams to see a benefit in keeping fitness levels and conditioning high throughout League and Champo. Tyrone and Dublin have done similarly this decade. Other counties appear to have chosen to peak for Champo (Mayo, Kerry).

It means Monaghan have remained largely competitive in both competitions though coming up short late in Champo. I think this happens because they have very good players who will more than hold their own in the league with high levels of fitness, S&C and a commitment to seriously competing. The reason they fall short in Champo is that they are just lacking that bit of quality. That said they were a poor refereeing performance away from an All Ireland Final last year.


I think the only team Monaghan have beaten in Croke Park in recent years is Kildare twice. Have been knocked by Tyrone 3 times Dublin and Kerry twice. Fintan Kelly and Karl O’Connell are top footballers too. Wouldn’t consider Jack McCarron great as done nothing in championship. If he put the same effort into his shooting as does into his diving would be decent player. Would have Conor McCarthy or Shane Carey ahead of him.


Conor McCarthy has been inconsistent too and rarely shone in the C’ship.